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Eagles vs. Jaguars 2014 Week 1 Flash Video: Showcase Showdown

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Well, they're back.

Jaguars vs. Eagles - Week 1 from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

Eagles Nation is in for a showcase at Sunday's season opener.

Another year of Philadelphia Eagles football means another year of (cheesy) flash videos released by the team's website. Watch the first flash video of the season above.

For some reason they're going with a "The Price is Right" theme with Eagles insider (and BGN contributor) Dave Spadaro as Bob Barker. The voice of Merrill Reese replaces that of Johnny Olson/Rod Roddy.

Showcase #1 features Eagles returning key players such as star running back LeSean McCoy, quarterback Nick Foles, inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans, and outside linebacker linebacker Connor Barwin.

Showcase #2 features new additions such as rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews, safety Malcolm Jenkins, running back Darren Sproles, and rookie nose tackle Beau Allen. (No Marcus Smith II, Eagles?)

Showcase #3 features the updates at Lincoln Financial Field. Wait, there's no third showcase in The Price is Right...

Anyway, the video is cheesy as ever but who cares because football. is. back.

Oh and the contestant's name being Murphy... that has to be for the purpose of trolling the Will Murphy haters out there, right?

Eagles versus Jaguars kicks off at Sunday, September 7th, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST in Philadelphia. Be ready.