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Eagles vs. Jaguars, Roster Thoughts, and more: BGN TV is Back!

Oh yes.

NFL football isn't the only thing that's finally back.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce... the return of Bleeding Green Nation Television (BGN-TV)! It's been over four years since the original edition of BGN-TV first aired, but the show is now back from the grave.

This show aims to be a video supplement to our BGN Radio podcast program. BGN TV will be talking Eagles football on a weekly basis. The show is hosted by none other than Mr. Patrick Wall (AKA: Patty Ice, the Professor).

Episode 1 features John Barchard (@JohnBarchard) of BGN Radio, as well as Joe McIntrye (@dr_pizza_MD) and Jason Aversano (@JasonAAV) to talk about the Eagles upcoming game against the Jaguars, final thoughts on the team's roster cuts, which Eagles player they crew would most like to spend the day with, and more.

Make sure to follow the show on Twitter: @BGN_TV for updates and the chance to win awesome Eagles prizes!


Also, don't forget to let us know how you think we can improve the show. We're doing our best to make BGN TV interesting for you, the viewer(s). Constructive criticism is always welcomed. For now, enjoy.

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