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The Linc - Dallas Cowboys defense may be worst of this generation

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/4/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

10 reasons the Redskins are going to be a dumpster fire this season -
Are the concerns over his mentality legit? Does he take accountability, or is it always someone else’s fault? Can he get along with his coaches over a long period of time? Is the fact that this his third offense in four years noteworthy? Maybe Jay Gruden will bring stability to the Redskins, in which case RG3 will have a stable environment with which to work? But in the short term, could learning an entirely new offense slow his growth?

Practice Squad is Really Complete - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles needed a young LB on the practice squad so frankly I’m glad the Williams deal didn’t work out. That isn’t to say Underwood is anything special or will definitely pan out, but I’d rather the team look at a young LB than a guy who is a CB/WR or WR/CB. Underwood does have the size, athleticism and skill set the Eagles want in a 3-4 OLB. And a cool name.

Season Predictions: Is the Secondary Good Enough? - Birds 24/7
Probably not, although I think this unit will perform better than it did a year ago. I can understand the thinking behind not going after a high-priced safety, but I need to see more from Malcolm Jenkins before labeling him a massive upgrade. Jenkins has been sold as the DeMeco Ryans of the back end - a smart, mentally tough player capable of leading those around him, even if he does has some limitations. I liked what I saw out of Jenkins in the preseason, but am still in "wait and see" mode.

Eagles Week 1 breakdown: Jacksonville Jaguars - T7L
At least Henne should have more help. Jacksonville doubled down on wide receiver in Round 2 with Marqise Lee (USC) and Allen Robinson (Penn State). Lee enjoyed a productive preseason, catching eight passes for 94 yards and two touchdowns to lock up a starting job. Robinson’s role in the offense is a mystery after missing the preseason with a hamstring injury, but he is expected to be available on Sunday. Keep an eye out for Allen Hurns as well. The undrafted receiver out of Miami led the club with 14 receptions and 232 yards this summer. The rookie class joins Cecil Shorts, a capable No. 2 (66 REC, 777 YDS, 3 TD in ’13).

Nick Foles and the Art of Throwing Receivers Open - ITE
Nick Foles showed last year that he possesses this skill, and it’s one of the many reasons why I think he’ll have another successful season this year. There is no defense for a perfectly thrown ball, and I see Foles getting even better at throwing his receivers open this year than he was last year. The following are some examples of Foles throwing his receivers open during the 2013 season. In each clip, the play is paused at the time that Foles begins his windup, and each time you’ll see that there is no separation between the receiver and the defender.

Anticipating Roar Of A Home Opener -
I can still hear the deafening sound of the fans from the playoff game in January. The echoes rattle around Lincoln Financial Field to this day, waiting to be freed for full throttle for the 2014 season opener on Sunday.

Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Washington Redskins - Deadspin
These Deadspin "Why your team sucks" previews are always good for a laugh... but this one is truly epic.

NFL Season Predictions, Part 2: The Falling Stars - Grantland
The Cowboys have not just the worst starting defense in football. It’s miles away from anybody else’s D for the worst in football. Dallas almost definitely has the worst set of defensive linemen and the worst linebackers, along with one of the five worst secondaries... The various players the Cowboys have assembled here have a chance to be the worst defense of this generation.

Breaking Madden: Jadeveon Clowney's quest for 201 sacks in a game - SB Nation
Breaking Madden has returned. It missed you.