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Eagles Practice Squad: Tyler Hoover, Brandon Hepburn released

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The Eagles have released two players from their practice squad.

Leon Halip

The Philadelphia Eagles have released two players from their 10-man practice squad. Offensive lineman (converted defensive lineman) Tyler Hoover and linebacker Brandon Hepburn have been cut.

Hoover and Hepburn were originally added to Philadelphia's practice squad in early September following the promotion of linebacker Emmanuel Acho and offensive tackle Kevin Graf to the active roster.

Graf was released on Monday due to the return of starting right tackle Lane Johnson. It seems possible Graf, an undrafted rookie, will now be added back to the practice squad in place of Hoover.

As far as Hepburn's spot goes, it will be interesting to see if the Eagles bring back second-year linebacker Jake Knott. Knott was originally signed by the Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2013. Knott played well enough to earn a roster spot and contributed on special teams during the season. Knott's 2014 offseason didn't get off to a great start, however, when it was announced he would be suspended four games for testing positive for PEDS. To make matters worse for Knott, he suffered a hamstring injury and was part of the Eagles first 15 cuts in late August. Knott's suspension is now over. It remains to be seen if Philadelphia still has interest in him.

UPDATE (6:37 PM EST) - Knott is back!

Here's what the Eagles' practice squad looks like now. One open spot remains:

QB G.J. Kinne
RB Matthew Tucker
S Ed Reynolds II
WR Will Murphy
NT Wade Keliikipi
WR Quron Pratt
G/C Josh Andrews
WR Cobi Hamilton
ILB Jake Knott