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Eagles depth chart: Lane Johnson will start at right tackle

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The Philadelphia Eagles have shuffled their offensive line once again with the return of Lane Johnson.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

To no one's surprise, Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur confirmed that second-year offensive lineman Lane Johnson will return to his starting position at right tackle. The Eagles' plan is to "put him in there and let him play," Shurmur said.

Johnson, who returned to Philadelphia on Monday after serving a four-game suspension, was seen taking first team repetitions at his assumed position. Here's what Philadelphia's starting line-up looks like now that Johnson is back, from left to right. The three players listed below in bold represent the team's full-time starters starting at their projected position.

Left tackle: Jason Peters

Left guard: Matt Tobin

Center: David Molk

Right guard: Todd Herremans

Right tackle: Lane Johnson

The right side of the line is noticeably solidified with the combination of Herremans and Johnson. The left edge is stable with Peters on the outside. The left interior, however, is obviously the weakness with Tobin and Molk projected to start next to each other. Still, this lineup is a significant upgrade over what the Eagles were forced to use last week:

Left tackle: Jason Peters

Left guard: Matt Tobin

Center: David Molk

Right guard: Dennis Kelly

Right tackle: Todd Herremans

Only one full-time starter (Peters) was in their normal position in that lineup.

As far as backups go, Andrew Gardner appears to be the top replacement at either tackle option. The same goes for Dennis Kelly at guard. Veteran offensive lineman Wade Smith has the ability to play any position, though he seems more natural at guard. For now, he's currently serving as the team's backup center.

It goes without saying that Johnson's return gives Philadelphia a much-needed boost up front. The Eagles' weakened offensive line has noticeably contributed to the struggles of both Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy.