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The Linc - Riley Cooper failing to produce

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/30/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Philadelphia Eagles are not Super Bowl Contenders: 10 Reasons Why - About
Roster depth is a general concern for any team but especially so for the Eagles when it comes to wide receiver. Starting outside pass-catcher Jeremy Maclin looks healthy and ready to emerge as a legitimate threat. Slot receiver Jordan Matthews is a young player with big potential. Veteran Riley Cooper, however, was somewhat of a one-year wonder in 2013 and he has not done much to disprove that notion. Cooper is not much of a weapon in the passing attack and if the Eagles lose a starting wide receiver, it will be harder for the team to get by with him.

Riley Cooper is coming up small in big moments -
That's a ball that went through some traffic, but did not appear to be deflected by a Niners defender, and has to be caught. Obviously, we already know how that drive ended. Riley Cooper signed a five-year, $25 million contract this offseason. He is not making the Eagles look smart by giving him that deal.

Thoughts on Chip’s Thoughts - Iggles Blitz
One other area I wish someone would talk to Chip about or that he would expand on is getting the ball to Shady in space. The Eagles have tried to throw him screens and even quick screens to the outside, but defenses can see these plays coming a mile away right now. Just line Shady up outside and let him run a vertical route. Line him up outside and bring him around on a fly sweep. Hand him the ball or fake to him. Line Shady up in the slot and see if he can get open on a drag route.

Eagle Eye: What's Up With The Offense? -
Sunday’s game against the 49ers was obviously not the prettiest to watch if you’re a fan of the Eagles' offense. There are a lot of issues and, as Chip Kelly alluded to after the game and on Monday afternoon, it starts up front. However, the other two phases of the game deserve a ton of praise, and I thought I’d start with those units before switching to the offense.

Grading the Eagles: Nick Foles regresses; TEs struggle; OLBs get pressure - Inquirer
Nick Foles didn’t have a good game. A week after tossing some of the best throws of his career and surviving countless hits, he was back to the inaccurate, indecisive quarterback we saw in the first two games. He was under pressure a fair amount – on 14 of 45 drops, per Pro Football Focus – but not as often as the Redskins game. Foles was off with his deep passes, completing only of 13 passes beyond 20 yards. He was shaky early. He threw wide of Jeremy Maclin short. He overthrew an open Brent Celek and Zach Ertz despite good protection in the first. Foles was errant when Maclin was open deep against man coverage in the second. He didn’t have enough zip on a 20-yard out to Maclin before the half and was nearly intercepted. In the fourth, he took a sack outside the pocket when he should have just thrown the ball away.

What's wrong with the Eagles' run game? - CSN Philly
On Monday, a day after McCoy’s second straight astonishingly unproductive performance, Kelly insisted there’s nothing physically wrong with the two-time all-pro running back and said the Eagles’ problems in the running game are solely the product of a beat-up offensive line and nothing McCoy is doing wrong. But 17 yards on 10 carries a week after 22 yards on 19 carries from the 2013 NFL rushing champion? That’s unfathomable.

Chip Kelly should’ve given LeSean McCoy goal-line carry with game on the line - The 700 Level
Over the past two weeks, LeSean McCoy has carried 29 times for 39 yards. There are differing theories as to why the NFL’s reigning rushing champion is struggling to gain so much as one yard per attempt, but whatever the reason or reasons, one yard was all the Philadelphia Eagles needed on Sunday.

Too Easy: How The 49ers Crushed The Eagles Run Game - MoK
Last year, the Eagles led the NFL in rushing by a sizable margin, despite routinely facing extra defenders in the box who loaded up to stop LeSean McCoy and the deadly zone-read attack. This year could hardly be more different. On Sunday against the 49ers, the Eagles rushed the ball 12 times for an anemic 22 yards, the fourth-worst performance in franchise history since 1970. And this was against one of the least-stacked defensive fronts the Eagles have faced since Chip Kelly took over.

The MMBM: Week 4- The Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl - SB Nation
Monday's only must-read NFL column is back with some startling words about the Dallas Cowboys, Joe Flacco and plenty more from around the league.