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Eagles vs. Jaguars History: Philadelphia has only beaten Jacksonville once

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Philadelphia and Jacksonville share a very brief history.

Brian Cleary

There are only three teams in professional football history that the Philadelphia Eagles have not defeated more than once. Two of those teams are now defunct: the Baltimore Colts and the Dallas Texans. The third team, however, may surprise you. (Well, not really, because that's what this post is about.) It's the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Eagles have only beaten the Jaguars once before; four years ago back in 2010. Michael Vick, officially named by then-coach Andy Reid as the starter for the remainder of the 2010 NFL season, started for Philadelphia and the team won 28-3. Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin hauled in 4 of Vick's passes for a total of 83 yards and 2 touchdowns. That double-score performance by Maclin is one of the five times he's achieved that total in the 57 career games he's started.

Part of the reason why the Eagles have only beaten the Jaguars once is because they've only played each other a total of four times. Jacksonville is in the AFC while Philadelphia is in the NFC, which means both teams play only every four years. The teams first met in 1997, and then again in 2002, 2006, and 2010. While the Jaguars own a 3-1 record over Philadelphia, the net point differential is very close with Philadelphia only behind by two points (82-80).

The Eagles will hope for a much better effort at home than the last time they played the Jaguars in Philadelphia, which was back in 2006. Philadelphia was averaging a league-best 417 yards per game at the time before only managing to score 6 points and gain 229 yards. Quarterback Donovan McNabb averaged 4.73 yards per passing attempt and running back Brian Westbrook gained 2.92 yards per carry. That's pretty horrible.

I'd be absolutely shocked if the Eagles offense looks anything close to being that bad against the Jaguars this time around. If all goes to plan, the Eagles should be in pretty good position to earn their second-ever win against Jacksonville on Sunday.