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NFL Trade Rumors: Eagles targeted wide receiver in late August?

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Alternate title: That one time Adam Schefter was (possibly) wrong.

Rich Schultz

There was an interesting nugget about the Philadelphia Eagles in a recent column about ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The whole column is worth a read, but here's the nugget about the Eagles.

Adam Schefter had some news to share. On this morning, the audience numbered only one: an AFC executive who had just called.

"Well, I got a few things for you," Schefter said. "Number one, you got the Titans and Eagles, both very anxious to trade for a wide receiver. They’re both in the wide receiver market. So they’re looking and my understanding is your team is loaded at receiver. . . "

So the Eagles were trying to trade for a wide receiver. And Schefter was letting a certain unnamed AFC executive know about that. Cool.

The rest of the column reveals the time-frame when this all took place. Schefter was on his way from New York to Bristol, Connecticut when he called the AFC executive. Later during the car ride, as the story details, Schefter was in contact with a Kansas City Chiefs executive regarding the suspension of Donald Stephenson, which was actually unknown to KC at the time. According to the story, the Stephenson suspension was announced four days later than when Schefter first called the AFC executive. Stephenson's suspension was announced on August 22nd, which means that the original phone call had to take place on August 18th.

One day later, on August 19th, the Eagles traded for running back/returner Kenjon Barner. So perhaps, as Brian Solomon pointed out, Schefter was sort of wrong (!!!) about the Eagles wanting a wide receiver. Philadelphia just wanted a returner because rookie Josh Huff went down with a shoulder injury (AC sprain) on August 15th.

So in a column that lauds Schefter's reporting ability, which is obviously is very good...

"There’s a myth out there that people think somebody else gets the majority of the stories. That’s baloney," said Chris Mortensen, Schefter’s ESPN colleague. "If we’re talking batting percentages, Adam is Tony Gwynn times two."'s kind of funny that it contains a hidden story about how he was probably wrong (or dishonest?) about something. Or maybe Barner was a backup plan after the Eagles couldn't land the wide receiver they wanted? Who knows.

In any case, I'm clearly way more interested in this factoid than I should be. Just thought it was an interesting nugget to pass along. Enjoy.