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Chip Kelly: LeSean McCoy is healthy

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly downplayed the idea that star running back LeSean McCoy's rushing struggles are injury related.

Ezra Shaw

One of the first questions that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly faced during his day-after press conference was regarding the status of star running back LeSean McCoy. McCoy has obviously struggled through the team's first four games of the season. The 2013 NFL leading rusher has only managed to muster 192 yards on a total of 70 rushing attempts for a measly average of 2.7 yards per carry.

Kelly downplayed the idea that McCoy's struggles are injury related, but it easy to see why there has been concern about McCoy's health. McCoy suffered a turf toe injury in mid-August. He also took a big shot to the head from a Washington defender in Week 3.

But if it's not injury related, what is causing McCoy to struggle? The offensive line is an obvious place to start. The Eagles only had one full-time starter in their normal position (Jason Peters at left tackle) against the San Francisco 49ers. Following Sunday's game, Kelly even admitted that the line was getting "whooped" up front. On Monday, Kelly talked about how the offensive line is failing to get McCoy to the second level and springing him loose.

While Kelly did admit that McCoy might be trying to "overcompensate at times", which is understandable given McCoy's frustration, he did suggest that changing the running back wouldn't make a difference right now. "It's not the ball-carrier. We're not generating what we need in the run game at all. It doesn't matter who we're handing it to."

More highlights from Kelly's press conference

Offensive struggles all around

"Because everybody’s aware of what’s going on, everybody’s pressing and trying to make something that isn’t there right now."

Lane Johnson is back

Eagles second-year right tackle is back at the team facility after serving a four-game suspension. Kelly said he spoke with Johnson on Monday morning and is trying to evaluate if Johnson is ready to play right away. Kelly said he needs to see Johnson practice before he can make a decision.

Mychal Kendricks injury (non)update

Kelly would not say if Kendricks is ready to practice this week or not. Kendricks has been dealing with a calf injury that has kept him out of action since leaving the Eagles-Colts game early in Week 2.

Malcolm Jenkins succeeding

Eagles starting safety Malcolm Jenkins has recorded three interceptions in just four games. Kelly expressed his appreciation of Jenkins, whom the team prioritized in free agency, during his press conference. "If you want to see what a professional football player is supposed to behave like, I think Malcolm is a prime example," Kelly said.

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