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Eagles vs. 49ers Final Score: Philadelphia falls to San Francisco, 26-21

The Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium on Sunday, 26-21. The Eagles moved to 3-1 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a home against the St. Louis Rams.

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49ers win the toss and defer to the second half. Eagles elect to receive first.

Chris Polk takes the opening kickoff to the 21.

Eagles 1st drive: Punt

Quarterback Nick Foles runs to just convert a 3rd-and-1. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh challenges the ruling, but to no success. Really bad challenge decision there. Eagles fail to convert on their next set of downs after Foles overthrows tight ends Brent Celek and Zach Ertz on consecutive plays. Both players were open.

49ers 1st drive: Punt blocked recovered for Philadelphia touchdown (7-0, Eagles)

The much-maligned Casey Matthews starts at inside linebacker with Mychal Kendricks sitting out. 49ers don't have much going. San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is sacked by Trent Cole on third down and forced to punt from deep in their own endzone. The Eagles take advantage and rookie tight end Trey Burton comes up with the blocked punted. Wide receiver Brad Smith recovers for the touchdown. Great special teams play there for the Eagles. Burton has looked really good on special teams. That's the first blocked punt recovered for a touchdown by the Eagles since Ken Rose returned a blocked punt versus the New York Giants in 1992.

49ers 2nd drive: Field goal (7-3, Eagles)

The 49ers are called for an illegal pick on third down that wipes out a San Francisco first down. It looked like a generous call for the Eagles. Next play, the Philadelphia is called for defensive holding. I guess that evens things out. Rookie nose tackle Beau Allen gets a pass rush on Kaepernick and forces him out of bounds. Philadelphia gives up the first down anyway after a catch and run from Anquan Boldin. Bad tackling there from the Eagles. A 49ers holding penalty wipes out an Eagles sack by Emmanuel Acho but ultimately forces a field goal attempt. Decent stand.

Eagles 2nd drive: Punt

Foles to Zach Ertz gives the Eagles a first down. After that, not much going. Foles tried to find Jeremy Maclin deep but couldn't connect.

Brandon Boykin suffers an injury during punt coverage. Burton tries to field the Philadelphia punt down at the one but slides into the endzone as he's recovering the ball. Touchback. Bad play by Burton.

49ers 3rd drive: (Continued below)

Boykin is replaced by Nolan Carroll II in Philadelphia's nickel package. Second year safety Earl Wolff tackles 49ers tight end Vernon Davis as he tries to make a catch and breaks up the play. Good effort there from Wolff. Brandon Graham comes up with a sack on Kaepernick.


49ers 3rd drive: Touchdown (10-7, 49ers)

Kaepernick rolls left after feeling pressure but throws against his body and finds a WIDE OPEN Frank Gore on the right side of the field for a catch and run for a score. Whoever was responsible for Gore on the play totally lost track of him. Terrible play for Philadelphia's defense. Wolff failed to make a tackle on Gore to prevent the score.

Eagles 3rd drive: Punt

Two Philadelphia penalties pins the Eagles deep back into their own territory. One of them was a blatant hold by backup center David Molk. It's easy to see how much the Eagles will miss starter Jason Kelce. Foles overthrows Maclin yet again on third down. Punt.

49ers 4th drive: Interception returned for Philadelphia touchdown (14-10, Eagles)

Malcolm Jenkins picks off Kapernick and takes it to the house for a pick-six. Really bad decision from the 49ers quarterback. Great blocking on Philadelphia's return. That's Jenkins' third interception of the season. The last Eagles safety with three interceptions in three straight games was Brian Dawkins in 2004.

49ers 5th drive: Punt returned for Philadelphia touchdown (21-10, Eagles)

Nothing going for the 49ers on offense, so they have to punt. The punt is returned 82 yards for a touchdown by Darren Sproles. Wow. The 49ers even committed a facemask penalty on the play, but that couldn't slow Sproles down. 82 yards sets a career-long return for Sproles.

49ers 6th drive: Punt

Nothing going for the 49ers yet again.

Eagles 4th drive: Punt

Nothing going for the Eagles after a holding penalty sets them back. Foles is definitely getting time to throw but he's not doing much with it. The entire Eagles offense just isn't getting much done at all.

49ers 7th drive: Field goal (21-13, Eagles)

49ers finally get moving on this drive. An impressive scramble and throw from Kaepernick gives San Francisco a first. Eagles cornerback Cary Williams (unintentionally) removes Michael Crabtree's helmet on a tackle attempt and is originally penalized. Then the flag is picked up because the play is dead when the offensive player loses their helmet. Sneaky, unintentional good play by Williams. Acho stuffs the 49ers running back on 3rd-and-2. San Francisco is forced to kick a 51-yard field goal and it's good. Brandon Bair just got a piece of it but it wasn't enough to stop Phil Dawson from drilling it. That's an impressive kick.

Eagles 5th drive: Fumble

Eagles try to get some points with little time remaining in the first half. A Foles pass to Riley Cooper is completed and then fumbled for a San Francisco recovery. Good play idea to get the Eagles into Hail Mary range, but really poor execution.

49ers 8th drive: Time expires

49ers take a knee with only two seconds remaining. End of the first half.


Eagles kick to start the second half. Cody Parkey's attempt goes for a touchback.

49ers 9th drive: Punt

Brandon Boykin, who left earlier with a hamstring injury, returns to the game. The Eagles defense keeps tight coverage on the 49ers receivers and San Francisco has to punt yet again.

Eagles 6th drive: Fumble

Left tackle Jason Peters suffers an injury and leaves the field limping. Obviously a terrible sign for Philadelphia. Andrew Gardner is in to replace Peters.

Ertz catches a Foles pass and then fumbles as he's being tackled. The ball goes right into the arms of 49ers defenders Perrish Cox. What an unfortunate play for the Eagles.

49ers 10th drive: Touchdown (21-20, Eagles)

Another Eagles sack. This time it's Casey Matthews (!) and Connor Barwin on the effort. Another sack for Philadelphia: this time it's Trent Cole. But it's wiped out on a defensive holding penalty on Cary Williams. Looked like a tacky penalty. Kaepernick finds 49ers wide receiver Stevie Johnson in the front left corner of the endzone for a touchdown. Nice throw and catch. San Francisco doesn't opt to go for the two-point conversion in order to tie the game.

Eagles 7th drive: Punt

Three and out. Eagles running back LeSean McCoy just doesn't look right. The only good news for Philadelphia is that Jason Peters returned on this series.

49ers 11th drive: Field goal (23-21, 49ers)

The 49ers drive into field goal range. Philadelphia's defense does a solid job of forcing San Francisco to a kick. Dawson's kick from 46 yards out is good and San Francisco takes the lead.

Eagles 8th drive: Interception

Foles throws an interception after being his as he targets Maclin deep in the middle of the field. Maclin was double covered on the play so even if Foles wasn't hit it didn't look like a great decision.

49ers 12th drive: (Continued below)

Boldin makes a catch that looks like it may have been incomplete, but no challenge from Philadelphia.


49ers 12th drive: Punt

The 49ers face a 4th-and-2 and try to get the Eagles to jump offsides. Philadelphia stays disciplined and Kaepernick calls a timeout. Bad decision, however, because coach Jim Harbaugh wanted to just take a delay of game penalty and keep the timeout.

Eagles 9th drive: Punt

Three-and-out. Again. There's just no offense.

49ers 13th drive: Field goal (26-21, 49ers)

Eagles get a stop on 3rd-and-3. But there's a offensive pass interference penalty, and the Eagles actually accept to put the 49ers at 3rd-and-13. Philadelphia's decision backfires. Kaepernick runs for a first down. Costly. The Eagles end up holding the 49ers to a field goal anyway. Dawson drills it from 31 yards out. Eagles still within one score.

Eagles 10th drive: Turnover on downs

It goes without saying that Philadelphia really needs to do something here. First play, first down to Maclin. Brad Smith catches a screen pass and stretches out for a first. That's the first time Philadelphia's offense has crossed the 50 yard line the entire day. 3rd-and-14, Eagles need a first... Maclin comes up HUGE with a one-handed catch (later secured by the second hand) along the sideline for a first down. WATCH:


San Francisco challenges the play. Unsuccessful. The 49ers are now out of timeouts. Jordan Matthews makes a crucial catch along the sideline to give the Eagles 1st-and-goal. McCoy takes it to the one for 3rd-and-goal. Pass incomplete to Celek. 4th-and-goal. Foles throws it out the back of the endzone. Turnover on downs. Killer.

49ers 14th drive: Punt

49ers run on three straight plays and the Eagles burn their three timeouts. 49ers have to punt.

Eagles 11th drive: Interception

One last chance. Nothing going. Foles is picked off. Game.

49ers 14th drive: Clock expires

Victory formation for San Francisco to end the game.


Stay tuned for much more Eagles-49ers post-game coverage.

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