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San Francisco 49ers fan tries to sabotage Philadelphia Eagles?

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The Eagles woke up early for game-day. Unintentionally.

Al Bello

The Philadelphia Eagles arrived at their team hotel in San Francisco Santa Clara late afternoon on Saturday, September 27.

Some players grabbed a snack before settling in for the night.

Probably tired and jet-lagged from traveling on a long plane ride out west, the team went to sleep to get rested for a big game against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Until 2 AM PDT rolled around...


The desperate 49ers are clearly seeking any edge to knock off this mighty 3-0 Eagles team. San Francisco knows Chip Kelly's sports science program puts a strict emphasis on the importance of sleep.

On the other hand, perhaps this stunt will backfire and only make the Eagles more angry and motivated to win.

Or maybe it was just a meaningless coincidence.

Or maybe it was just Dion Lewis.

UPDATE (11:30 AM EST) - It appears sabotage was really the case here.