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The Linc - 49ers Scouting Report

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/27/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles 2014 NFL Draft Class Lacking Immediate Impact - About
If the Eagles truly tested the "best player available" as opposed to drafting solely for need, it makes sense that some of these rookies aren't ready to play right away. Long-term projection for draft picks is just as important, if not more important, than immediate impact value. It goes without saying, however, that ate one point these rookies will need to step up and prove they were worth the pick spent on them. For some of these draft picks, that opportunity might not come anytime soon.

Random Redskins trolling -
The Eagles' Week 3 game against the Redskins last Sunday was one of the more entertaining matchups over the last decade. The game is still being discussed quite a bit, mostly because of the debated cheap shot Redskins NT Chris Baker put on Nick Foles. Here are some leftovers from that game, and the trouncing the Skins took last night on Thursday Night Football.

Wulf's Den: Harbaugh's Many Crimes -
Awesome column and video, as always. Must click.

Three-And-Out: Eagles-49ers Predictions - Birds 24/7
This is the first time all year I'm going against the Birds. I know many are predicting a potential 49ers collapse here, and that could happen. But I think it's a bit premature. This is a squad that's played in the NFC title game three years in a row. They are still well-coached with a good offensive line, a dynamic quarterback and reliable players at the other skill positions. As for the Eagles, they're a very good team, but last week's defensive performance against Washington was worrisome. There were too many issues in the secondary, and their pass-rush needs to get better. Combine those things with the banged-up offensive line, and I think the 49ers hand the Birds their first loss on Sunday.

Tobin's improbable journey to Eagles starter - Inquirer
Matt Tobin wasn't invited to the NFL combine following his senior season at Iowa. He says now that he doesn't care, although he believes his professional career might have turned out differently had he been among the 2013 draft prospects to attend the Indianapolis workout.

Do Eagles have to worry about Giants in battle for NFC East crown? -
One obvious difference between the two teams is the secondary. After lighting up the Eagles for 427 yards passing last weekend, quarterback Kirk Cousins could get nothing going against the Giants. The Giants forced Cousins into four interceptions, making him look very human after the Eagles made him appear to be the next Joe Montana.

Mosher's scouting report: Eagles-49ers - CSN Philly
Nick Foles put the offense on his achy back against the Redskins, rallying the Eagles after getting clobbered, cheaply I might add, by mammoth lineman Chris Baker. Foles might have to pull off an encore to keep the Eagles unbeaten. With another patchwork line that features two interior linemen making their NFL starting debuts, center David Molk and left guard Matt Tobin, Foles must be sharp, quick-triggered and in total command of the offense, lest he wants to leave the Bay Area with a beating worse than the one Washington administered.

Eagles fans last in the NFC East when it comes to musical taste - The 700 Level
Yesterday we showed you the awful musical tastes of the great Phillie Phanatic. Turns out Philadelphia Eagles fans in general aren't all that much better. Billboard and Facebook teamed up to determine the most popular artist among different teams' fanbases and the Eagles selection was not good. The Cowboys fans went with Shakira who I am just going to assume can sing well. The Giants fans went with geographical choice Jay Z. And the Washington fans went with hometown boy Wale. Eagles fans got Drake.

Do bye weeks really matter in the NFL? - SB Nation
We barely know anything about anyone yet, and NFL teams are already taking breaks. This weekend, six teams will be on a bye. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, St. Louis, Arizona and Seattle will all be sitting on their figurative butts, resting before coming back in Week 5 to play 13 straight weeks of regular season football -- the longest uninterrupted stretch that any teams will face this season.