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Jason Peters fined $10,000 by NFL for fighting Chris Baker

Alternate title: Jason Peters fined for being a good teammate.

Rob Carr

Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters has been fined $10,000 for starting a fight with Washington Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker. Baker was also fined, but less than Peters at only $8,268. Note that Baker was fined only for grabbing Peters' facemask.

This fine was to be expected. Peters went after Baker following Baker's cheap-shot hit on Nick Foles during a play where it appeared Washington intercepted the ball (but really didn't, because the interception was just an incomplete pass). Here's video of Peters charging at Baker. Peters' actions further caused a brawl to break out near Washington's sideline. Peters and Baker would both be ejected from the game.

After the game, Baker said he did not regret the hit. He thought it was legal. Peters, like Baker, did not regret his actions. "I'd do it again," Peters said. And asked if Baker tried to pull the same thing again, as Baker implied he would do, Peters said, "He's gonna get the same result."

The NFL later ruled the hit was legal, which doesn't really make sense unless you truly believe Foles had established a 'distinct defensive position', per the NFL rulebook. Evidence even proves that Foles was not first contacted until the play was actually over.

Baker took to Twitter to celebrate the legality of his hit despite the fact Washington lost the game, 37-34. 

So... way to stick up for the good guys, NFL! When you look past Baker's homophobia (exhibit A and exhibit B), past history of violence, and continued dirty play, it's certainly easy to see the right decision was made here. [Sarcasm]

I mean, in a league where THIS is unnecessary roughness:

It totally makes sense that THIS is a legal hit:

(Hat tip to qp0n on r/Eagles for the GIFs)

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