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49ers vs. Eagles Week 4 Flash Video: Philly has Nick Foles' back

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Philly's Got Nick's Back from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

Whether it is dragons, ninjas or heavy groceries, we've got Nick Foles's back.

"Whether it is dragons, ninjas or heavy groceries, we've got Nick Foles's back."

The Philadelphia Eagles released their 2014 NFL Week 4 flash video cartoon in anticipation of their upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers. Watch the entire video clip above this post, via the team's Vimeo page.

The theme of this week's video is... having Nick Foles' back. This is obviously in reference to what transpired in the Eagles' Week 3 game against the Washington Redskins when Chris Baker landed a dirty hit on Foles. (Though the NFL has ruled it legal, which is questionable.) Immediately following that hit, Eagles left tackle Jason Peters ran up to Baker to settle the score. Watch the video here.

Foles would eventually get up from that hit and tell his teammates "Let's make them pay." That's exactly what Foles and the Eagles did as they led a touchdown drive to go up in the game.

This is easily the best Eagles flash cartoon video that the team has released so far this year. Enjoy.

Eagles at 49ers kicks off on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 4:25 PM EST in San Francisco Santa Clara. Get ready.