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The Linc - Nolan Carroll's first team reps increase

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/26/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Contenders: 10 Reasons Why - About
It all starts with the man at the top. Kelly quieted skeptics and doubters alike with a real impressive first year on the job. Kelly brought his high-tempo offensive style to Philadelphia and it worked like a charm. The Eagles broke multiple franchise and league records in various categories. With Kelly at the helm, this team's explosive offense is always going to be a threat to score often. Kelly seems to have total control of his roster. Players have bought in to his innovative methods and this allows Kelly to maximize their performance. It is not too early to say that Kelly is already one of the better coaches in the NFL.

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 3 in the books
2) The Eagles will get a boost when Lane Johnson returns Week 5, provided he's not rusty, but that makeshift OL sans Jason Kelce will be tested. Expect opposing defenses to show a lot of blitzes, hoping to expose the Eagles' compromised communication up front.

All the Right Moves - Iggles Blitz
Every now and then the Eagles have an offseason that draws universal praise. This was not one of those years. Fans and the media didn’t like the moves at Safety. The lack of a serious move at kicker bothered many. Mark Sanchez was seen as a terrible addition. And so on. I wrote about the offseason moves for BGN. Simply put, without the new guys the Eagles would have no shot at 3-0. To this point, it sure looks like the Eagles made a lot of good moves. Obviously time is needed before knowing how the players will fit long term, but you can get an idea of how some guys look right away.

Inside Voices: McCoy And Concussion Protocol - Birds 24/7
While the talk has been about how Brandon Boykin should get a shot at playing on the outside, the more likely candidate to get promoted to one of the starting corner posts is Nolan Carroll.  Carroll noticed a bump in his first-team reps this week, he said.  The five-year vet rotated in for both Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams alike. It does not appear that Billy Davis will change the starting tandem this week, but it is plausible that Carroll sees an increase in playing time against San Francisco.

Eagle Eye: How To Attack The 49ers -
A lot has been made of the San Francisco 49ers' 1-2 start this season. They’ve lost a number of pieces for a variety of reasons on the defensive side of the football, with starters NaVorro Bowman, Aldon Smith, Tramaine Brock and Glenn Dorsey all out of the lineup. Those losses have led to a unit that is last in the league on third down, has struggled to generate a consistent pass rush and has allowed over 22 points a game (18th in the NFL). Offensively, they rank in the bottom half of the league in points, rushing, passing and total yards. Is this a different team than the one that has been to three straight NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl? I say no, and here’s why.

Why you shouldn't panic about LeSean McCoy - CSN Philly
Maybe you’re a little worried. Maybe you look at his overall numbers and how they compare to other running backs and it’s concerning. Maybe you watched the Washington game and checked the box score and wondered what’s going on. It’s understandable. LeSean McCoy hasn’t had the same success so far this season that he did a year ago -- which doesn’t mean you should freak out. Grab a paper bag. Inhale. Exhale.

Brett Brown visits Eagles practice facility - Liberty Ballers
Brett Brown visited the Eagles practice facility to look at their strength and conditioning and sports science programs.

Cary Williams vs. the World - Grantland
You may have heard about this earlier in the week, but Eagles cornerback Cary Williams thinks the team is practicing too much. He said as much after the Eagles survived the Redskins to go 3-0: "It’s just tough, man. We have to start taking care of our guys, taking care of our players, doing the right thing from there. I didn’t practice every week; there’s a reason for that. A lot of guys had no legs. A lot of guys were in a dogfight before the game even started. We have to take care of our guys during the week to make sure we’re fresh come Sundays."

The Rise and Fall of the 2012 NFL Draft " Grantland
Featuring top 10 busts from the Cowboys and Redskins!

Breaking Madden: Teddy really oughta run that dang ball - SB Nation
Teddy Bridgewater didn't run much in college, and when he did, he was one of the least graceful ball carriers in football. Now he plays before a nation of dumb NFL fans who want him to run. In this Breaking Madden, their terrible wish is granted.