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The Linc - Bennie Logan is playing well

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/24/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Word on the Birds: Undefeated Eagles -
On this week's episode of Word on the Birds,'s Jimmy Kempski & Dave Spadaro of break down the Eagles 3-0 start and discuss how the team can improve.

MASH Unit - Iggles Blitz
The O-line was a huge part of the Eagles success in 2013. The Eagles won games with 2 QBs. They won by throwing the ball and running. LeSean McCoy actually led the NFL in rushing. When it came to throwing the ball, it was spread to WRs, TEs and RBs. All of the points and yards piled up by the skill players were greatly helped by 5 guys up front. The Eagles were able to start the same 5 O-linemen for the entire season, a rarity, and that group played well, very well at times. Not only did coach Jeff Stoutland have the same 5 guys, he had 5 talented players. Stoutland must have thought life in the NFL was pretty easy. That was then, this is now.

Game Review: Eagles Defense Vs. Washington - Birds 24/7
Bennie Logan - He had a great game and led the Eagles with eight tackles. Logan has 16 tackles in the past two games. He's playing with great effort and is doing a fantastic job of shedding blocks and getting to the ball-carrier. Logan and DeMeco Ryans stopped Morris for no gain in the first. He dropped Morris for a 1-yard loss in the red zone. Logan had three more stops for no gain. And in the fourth quarter, he made a tackle after a 3-yard run. Really impressive showing from the nose tackle. He was a big reason why Washington averaged 3.0 YPC and totaled just 84 yards on the ground. Logan played 54 percent of the snaps.

Marcus Smith learning the ropes at inside linebacker - Inquirer
Marcus Smith's work as an inside linebacker might be more than a temporary move while Mychal Kendricks is absent. Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis said Smith is still an outside linebacker, but he did not rule out keeping the first-round pick on the inside.

Cary Williams apologizes to Nate Allen, too - CSN Philly
You’ve probably screamed at Nate Allen a few times over the years. The only difference Sunday is that the guy screaming at Allen was Cary Williams, and there was no shortage of TV cameras to document it. Williams was seen a few times during the Eagles-Redskins game Sunday barking at Allen, and when Allen blew post safety help on DeSean Jackson’s 81-yard touchdown, Williams was particularly animated. Everybody watching the game on TV could see the emotional Williams barking at Allen. Allen took the blame for the touchdown after the game. And on Tuesday, before practice, Williams apologized for his on-field antics.

Fatherhood: A Position Unlike Any Other -
There are many game-changing plays that occur over the course of a 60-minute contest. Interceptions. Turnovers. Penalties. Field Goals. There are also many impactful moments over the course of a man’s life, but none compare to the substantial alterations that come with fatherhood. Twenty-one of the players on the Eagles’ roster, including injured players and practice squad members, are fathers to 33 children - 16 sons and 17 daughters. The players know that the football team is counting on them to produce and contribute in order to help win. Once they leave the field, however, the children need their fathers to be so much more than just contributors.

A Season Slipping Away? A Team Slipping Away? - The MMQB
Talking about "must-win" games before the halfway point in the season is often silly. Teams can get things turned around in a number of ways, and often do. But when it comes to the 49ers and their current predicament (1-2, having been outscored 38-3 in blowing halftime leads the past two weeks against the Bears and Cardinals), Sunday’s showdown with the Eagles sure feels like a must-win  for San Francisco. This team needs to start to feel good about itself in a hurry, or the season could slip away.

The 5 best fantasy waiver claims to make for Week 4 - SB Nation
Oh no, bye weeks are here already. It's time to hit the waiver wire, even if there's no one there.