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Philadelphia Eagles have more white players than any team in NFL

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According to a study, the Eagles have the whitest roster in the NFL.

Rich Schultz

Andrew Powell-Morse of Best Tickets released The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census today on Tuesday, September 23 and there are some interesting results as far as the Philadelphia Eagles are concerned.

For one, no other team in the NFL has more white players and less black players than the Eagles do. The Eagles have 25 players identified as white, 27 as black, and 1 as Hispanic. The team with the second most white players and second least black players is the Houston Texans with 20 and 30, respectively.

Other charts show that the Eagles have the 12th tallest roster on average at 74.12 inches, or about 6.17 feet. Philadelphia also owns the 14th heaviest roster at an average of 247.83 pounds. You know what Chip Kelly says: big people beat up little people.

There are plenty of interesting charts in the post, including: average weight/height of positions, NFL race distribution, average NFL salary by race, number of players born in each state, etc. Check it all out here.

(Hat tip to reader @shaney_b_93.)