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Jason Peters doesn't regret punching Chris Baker: "I'd do it again"

No regrets.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles starting All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters was asked about his actions against Washington Redskins defensive player Chris Baker. Peters said he regrets getting kicked out of the game and he knows he has a fine coming his way. But if he could change a thing about what happened, he wouldn't:

"I'd do it again."

Peters also knows that's exactly what Baker had to say about his hit on Foles. And in response to that, Peters said that if Baker hits Foles again:

"He's gonna get the same result."

Peters was ejected from the game for throwing punches and escalating a fight in response to a dirty and illegal hit that Baker put on Foles. Here's video of what happened:

I said it the other day and I'll say it again: Peters' actions were justified.

Jason Peters absolutely did the right thing when he went after Chris Baker following Baker's cheap-shot on Foles. Peters is usually a mild-mannered player but he had no hesitation to stand up for his teammate. Watch the video of Peters going after Baker here. Peters may have hurt the team by getting thrown out of the game but no one should be criticizing him for that (not that I have seen anyone do it). Peters took a stand for what was right.

Peters has made more than enough money in his career to cover his impending fine. But I'm sure if the city of Philadelphia (including Nick Foles) could collectively help pay it off, they would.

Long live The Franchise.

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