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Cary Williams apologizes for criticism of Chip Kelly

Everyone is friends again.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams spoke to the media on Tuesday afternoon for the first time since his critical comments of Chip Kelly following the team's win on Sunday. Williams originally said that he felt the Eagles work their players too hard during the week.

Williams informed the media that he apologized to his teammates for these comments on Tuesday morning.

Williams added that his teammates forgave him and the team is now ready to move on. The Eagles starting cornerback added that he talked to Kelly. Williams apparently "has a better understanding of [the] regimen" now.

Kelly spoke on the subject of Williams' comments yesterday and said he had "no problems with Cary" and that Williams' comments simply resulted from frustration.

So, situation defused, or so it seems. That is, until the next time Williams says what's really on his mind.

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