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The Linc - Nick Foles is not to be messed with

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/23/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Redskins learn lesson: Don't make Nick Foles mad -
Foles writhed in pain on the ground for several minutes while Jason Peters went after Baker, inciting a brawl. The interception turned out to be an incompletion, as the ball hit the ground. The play was reviewed and the Eagles kept the football. Foles would eventually be OK, or rather, more than OK on the ensuing drive. Several players noted after the game that Foles was fired up in the huddle to re-start their drive, urging his teammates to make the Redskins pay.

Being Clutch - Iggles Blitz
I think Chip Kelly would like Showalter quite a bit. They have a different way of looking at sports. Conventional wisdom isn’t always so wise. Kelly might be impressed that his defense came up with a clutch stop at the end of the game, but he also might tell you that if they didn’t allow one of the two previous TD drives, there wouldn’t have been the same need to make that clutch stop. You have to be impressed with the way the Eagles have responded at key moments in each of the first 3 games. They have been a clutch team. You just wish they would quit putting themselves into a position where they need to make such plays.

Eagle Eye: Inside Nick Foles' Brilliant Day -
"When you have a quarterback that will do whatever it takes, stay in the game, play his heart out ... you can’t respect a guy enough, I mean that is amazing." That was center David Molk in the post-game locker room on Sunday afternoon, minutes after the Eagles finished a street fight of a game that ultimately was one of the most impressive performances of quarterback Nick Foles’ career. Foles threw three touchdowns, yes, but his willingness to take shot after shot and get back up was Rocky-esque, and something that his teammates on both sides of the ball noticed and were inspired by. Let’s take a closer at some of the plays that stood out most after watching the tape.

Game Review: Eagles Offense Vs. Washington - Birds 24/7
The Eagles could not get him going. McCoy carried 19 times for 22 yards and did not have a catch. He was hit in the head by cornerback David Amerson on a helmet to helmet blow in the first, but passed concussion protocol and returned. Sidenote: Washington defensive backs constantly led with their helmets in this game. To be clear, McCoy often had nowhere to go. Washington was stout up front, game-planned for McCoy, and the Eagles were playing with backups. But it looked like when McCoy had chances to make plays, he had trouble making guys miss and left yards on the field. A lot of credit goes to Washington linebacker Keenan Robinson, who was fantastic.

Healthy Chris Polk continues to impress in cameos - CSN Philly
He’s now had 18 career touches and four touchdowns. Despite averaging one touch a game since opening day 2013, Polk is sixth on the team in TDs during that span.

NFL officials' reliance on replay nearly got Nick Foles killed - The 700 Level
The officiating on Sunday was terrible from beginning to end. It started with an absurd no-call on DeSean Jackson when he shoved Malcolm Jenkins (and only the Eagles got penalized), and continued all the way to the final whistle. But the most infuriating mistake was on the Foles interception-that-wasn't.

Eagles Week Three Report Card vs. Redskins - Zoo With Roy
ZWR: My boy Nicky Foles with the defining "man up" game bro was out there with no offensive linemen and a concussed running back and one functioning arm and put up 37 (well 30 I guess but you know what I mean besides he probably gave Chris Polk a pep talk) suck it haters and dweebs talking about leaving points on the board you're nuts. Grade A++++++

For unbeaten Eagles, every game's an adventure - Inquirer
There are a couple of ways to view what has taken place in the first three weeks of the NFL's regular season with the Eagles. It is either a team with serious issues that was able to overcome those somehow in the three straight comeback wins but can't be that fortunate forever, or it is a team that simply hasn't hit its stride yet and won't require such dramatics when it finally does.

MMBM Week 3: The best week in NFL history - SB Nation
From Roger Goodell's widely panned press conference to the debut of Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater, it's been a wild week in the NFL. Who better than the ultimate fan to break it all down?

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