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DeSean Jackson doesn't realize the Washington Redskins lost to the Eagles

Hey, DeSean. Scoreboard.

Rich Schultz

Apparently Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson did not realize his team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.

Jackson posted the following post on his official Instagram page on Monday night, captioned:

"#CashMoney #0ne0fone #Skins"

Depicted is Jackson's 81-yard touchdown reception he had against the Eagles. I am sure it was a great play for Jackson. It was his moment of revenge against a team that unceremoniously dumped him earlier in the offseason. It is no surprise he wants to cherish it.

But this post really shows he just doesn't get it. He's posting this picture just a day after his team lost. Yeah, Jackson scored, he taunted Eagles players and fans, and he got his 'revenge' on this play. It was good for him. But so what? In the end, what did it really matter? Check the scoreboard, DeSean. Washington lost the game!

Celebrating this play just makes him look like he cares more about personal achievements than actually winning. He doesn't seem to be too upset about the loss as he is happy about his touchdown. Or am I just misunderstanding the inclusion of the "#CashMoney" hashtag?

Speaking of, look at this tweet from fellow Bleeding Green Nation writer Dan Klausner shortly following Sunday's game:

Certainly matches up, doesn't it?

And people still wonder why Chip Kelly didn't want this guy around.