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Eagles fans fight during Philadelphia-Washington game (VIDEO)

Fans behaving badly.

Rob Carr

So apparently players from the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins were not the only ones who brawled at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, September 21. According to The 700 Level (@The700Level), an ugly fan fight took place in the stands late in the game. Here is how it was described by Enrico Campitelli Jr.

It was during the fourth quarter in section M-14 just two rows behind where I was sitting. The brawl involved at least six or seven men and a couple of women. They were all wearing Eagles' gear so it was impossible to figure out who was on what side and what exactly they were fighting over.

While many of the brawlers were hit in the face with force, an innocent bystander (mustache and sunglasses in the first video) received the worst of it when two men literally came flying down multiple rows of seats on top of him and crashing him into the seats. The initial thought among the crowd was some broken ribs.

Yikes. A couple of fans caught the fight on Instagram. Watch the videos below:

Disappointing. All the brawlers are Eagles fans, too. Can't we all just get along?

Last year there was a big fight caught on video between a family of Eagles fans during the Philadelphia-Kansas City game.