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South Park set to mock the Washington Redskins in new episode

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This Wednesday, the lolskins legacy continues...

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

What is better than a win over the Redskins? A win over the Redskins and a South Park episode dedicated to mocking the team from Washington. That's right, the Comedy Central staple is set to kickoff its new season with a pretty impressive social commentary on one of the biggest NFL controversies of the last few years.

Bleeding Green Nation has documented the issues between folks and the Redskins regarding the team's "racially insensitive" moniker. Politicians, Native American activists and even NFL players have spoken up against the team's name, but alas, owner Daniel Snyder refuses to alter his established and quite lucrative brand. Perhaps, the South Park treatment will help get the point across that the Redskins name needs to changed. Here's a look at the next installment of "lolskins" on Comedy Central:

The episode is set to make you laugh on Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET. Get your popcorn ready!