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Winners and Losers from Eagles win over Washington Redskins in Week 3

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The Eagles are now 3-0 after a win against Washington.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles are 3-0 for the first time since 2004 and are 1-0 against their division opponents after a 37-34 win over the Redskins. Quarterback Nick Foles overcame nearly an entire first quarter on the sideline, an offensive line largely-infused with sticky tack, a mediocre defense and a lack of a running game to help win the Eagles third game in as many tries. Along with Foles, wide receivers Jordan Matthews and Jeremy Maclin had tremendous performances.

While the team came away with the victory, the unit did have some trouble. The secondary (outside of safety Malcolm Jenkins) and pass defense in general were miserable for the majority of the game. The run offense also failed to get off the ground, as LeSean McCoy averaged less than two yards per carry and Darren Sproles fumbled on a productive drive. All of the mistakes were correctable, but did offer some concern in what was an important win for Philadelphia as they prepare to face the 49ers in Week 4.


Nick Foles: He had three or four rough throws that he failed to capitalize on, but he did play extremely well considering the circumstances. Foles finished with a win to go along with 325 passing yards and three touchdowns on 27-of-41 complete passes. Foles had an injured shoulder, an unreliable running game and a mediocre defense to make up for and won the game. Again, he did have some poor throws, but Foles seemed solid from start to finish.

He has gotten a lot of criticism over the last two games, but Foles showed toughness and talent in this win. If you are going to critique Foles when he plays poorly, you also have to praise him when he does well. I'd argue this is a Top 3 performance in his career, because of how tough he was and decisive as well. Also, when Foles is moving to his left, it is dangerous for the opposing defense.

Jordan Matthews: After a few drops to start the season, Matthew showed phenomenal hands and caught eight passes for 59 yards and two touchdowns. He made some very clutch grabs and showed why everyone hyped him this summer.

Jeremy Maclin: He has three-straight games with a receiving touchdown and balled out on Sunday. He caught eight passes for 154 yards and a touchdown and has really become the No. 1 receiver in this offense. It will be exciting to see him continue to improve over the next few weeks.

Malcolm Jenkins: On a rough day for the defense, Jenkins really shined. He had a massive interception and had a few other pass and run stops. This guy has been the "real deal" from the jump and has infused some toughness as well.

Sticking Up For Teammates: Nate Allen and Jason Peters both were flagged for sticking up for their teammates. Remember, they were both members of the "soft" 2011 and 2012 units and really showed some toughness on Sunday. Allen pushed DeSean Jackson back after the former Eagle understandably pushed Jenkins after a late hit and Peters got into several Redskins players' faces after a rough hit on Foles. You like to see that toughness.

Chris Polk: WOW! It looks like the Eagles have a kick returner. Despite what you may have felt about his injuries or talent, when Polk returned that kickoff for a touchdown, he had his 18th career touch for a fourth career touchdown. That is production. Great work by a guy who was largely forgotten.

Special Teams: Trey Burton and Chris Maragos were fantastic on Sunday. Both had solid blocks on the Polk return touchdown and Burton had a massive stop on return coverage. The entire unit played pretty well outside of a Brad Smith penalty and a Donnie Jones shank (yes, he's mortal).

Cody Parkey: Again, Parkey was fantastic on Sunday. He was 3-of-3 on field goals, 4-of-4 on extra points and had multiple touchbacks. Parkey hit his second 51-yard field goal of the season, which matches the number of 51-yard field goals Alex Henery made in three seasons (tips the cap).


Billy Davis: Sorry to disagree with Dave Spadaro, but I have yet to see a "good" defensive coordinator. His game plan was torn apart in the first half and the Redskins offense owned the Philadelphia defense. Davis adjusted but the defense did give up a few more gains in the second half. Those first two touchdowns were awful giveaways.

Bradley Fletcher: You may have seen some pass break ups, but all and all, Fletcher was mediocre at best on Sunday. He got called for a hold and was probably due a few more, while still allowing several big gains. I said that I was concerned entering this game and he did disappoint. It was a very rough performance.

Cary Williams: He fell for several double moves but the touchdown to DeSean Jackson was partially on Nate Allen. Both didn't play all that well, but Williams threw Allen under the bus after the game. Tight teamwork bro... Oh and then there's the whole bashing the coaching staff thing...

Running Game: I understand Jason Kelce was injured and Jason Peters was ejected but the whole game was a bit rough. Todd Herremans was the only "starting" offensive lineman to finish the game and he had to move out to right tackle due to Peters' absence. A lot of poor circumstances but I felt they under-delivered despite not giving up a sack in the passing game. LeSean McCoy seemed to struggle a bit but there were few holes to run through. He averaged just 1.1 yards per rushing attempt.

Pass Rush: Where was it? The unit got a few pressures but no sacks. Cousins held it for a while at times. It's a bummer that they didn't finish on several opportunities with tackles for losses.

Referees: They missed calls badly on both sides of the ball and also had some ticky tack fouls for each team. It was a rough outing for them.