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Grade the Philadelphia Eagles victory over the Washington Redskins

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The Eagles beat the Redskins, 37-34. Now let's grade how they did.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. What a game. The Philadelphia Eagles are now 3-0 for the first time since 2004, the year they went to the Super Bowl. Yet again, it did not come easy. The Eagles earned a hard-fought win over the Washington Redskins, their NFC East division rivals, at home.

Now that the game is over, let's assign a letter grade.

My grade: A-

The Eagles offense was good yet again. Philadelphia scored 30 points on offense (7 came from special teams) and gained 379 yards for an average of 5.7 yards per play. Nick Foles was sharper than he was in the first two weeks of the season. He finished with 27 completions on 41 attempts (65.9%), 325 yards, 7.9 average, 3 TD, 0 INT, and a passer rating of 114.4. Foles was visibly shaken up but he was tough and played through it. Major credit to him. Foles was aided by his Eagles wide receivers stepping up. Big games for both Jeremy Maclin and Jordan Matthews.

What was not impressive about the Eagles offense was their rushing game. Eagles running backs rushed for a total of 42 yards on 21 attempts. The problem with the Eagles' rushing attack is that the team is missing a number of starters on the offensive line, including starting center Jason Kelce, who left the team's game early and did not return against Washington. Star running back LeSean McCoy may have been affected by the head injury he suffered earlier in the game.

Philadelphia's defense did enough to win and came up big when it counted, but it was not pretty. Philadelphia allowed 34 points and 511 yards for an average of 6.7 yards per play. The Eagles pass rush did not record a sack for the second straight week. (A Fletcher Cox sack of Kirk Cousins was called off due to a Washington penalty.) Philadelphia's secondary was mighty vulnerable against Washington's pass attack. That said, it was not all bad. As I previously mentioned, they did enough to come up big when it counted. Philadelphia forced Washington to turn the ball over on downs on their last drive.

Special teams certainly came to play. The longest return Washington had was 23 yards. Darren Sproles had an 18-yard punt return that might have gone for a touchdown if a Washington defender did not make a shoelace tackle on him. A return that did go for a touchdown was Chris Polk's 102-yard return on Philadelphia's first receiving opportunity of the game. Rookie kicker Cody Parkey kicked a 51-yard field goal that ended up being the difference in the game.

What's your grade?