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Eagles vs. Redskins Final Score: Philadelphia holds on for 37-34 win over Washington

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The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, 37-34. The Eagles moved to 3-0 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a trip out west to face the San Francisco 49ers.

Rich Schultz


Eagles win the opening toss, defer to Washington. Redskins elect to receive. This "Beat DC" banner was on display before opening kickoff.

Redskins 1st drive: Touchdown (7-0, Redskins)

DeSean Jackson catches a pass on the second play of the game. He is booed loudly. Jackson makes another catch, gets up, and shoves Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher. Nate Allen shoves Jackson and is called for unnecessary roughness. No penalty on Jackson. Marcus Smith II gets the first snap of his NFL career on a third down. Washington marches down the field, aided by some penalties, and Kirk Cousins completes a pass to Darrel Young for a touchdown.

Eagles kickoff return for touchdown (7-7, tie game)

Wow. Chris Polk, in first touch of the entire season, returns a Washington kickoff 102 yards to the house for a touchdown. I guess that's why Philadelphia kept Polk. That kickoff return is the third-longest ever by an Eagles player and the first regular season Eagles touchdown return since Quintin Demps had one in 2008 against the Baltimore Ravens. It was the first-ever Eagles kickoff return for a touchdown at Lincoln Financial Field. Polk now has a whopping 4 touchdowns in his last 15 career NFL touches.

Redskins 2nd drive: Touchdown (14-7, Redskins)

Eagles defense not showing much resistance early. Emmanuel Acho leaves the game with a foot injury. Not good for an Eagles defense already missing Mychal Kendricks. Bradley Fletcher is allowing a lot of catches. Cousins finds Pierre Garcon in the endzone for a Washington touchdown.

Eagles 1st drive: (Continued below)

Philadelphia's first offensive drive comes with 13 minutes expired in the game. LeSean McCoy rushes for a decent gain but is tackled hard and stays on the ground. It looks like he got hit hard in the head.


Eagles 1st drive: Fumble

Darren Sproles fumbles on a rushing attempt as he is tackled from behind. Bad break for the Eagles.

Redskins 3rd drive: Field goal (17-7, Redskins)

Eagles defense (see: Bradley Fletcher) struggling yet again. The defense allows Washington to move into scoring position put finally holds strong on third down at one point. Kai Forbath kicks a 48-yard field goal to extend Washington's lead.

Eagles 2nd drive: Touchdown (17-14, Redskins)

LeSean McCoy has been cleared to return to the game. First play of the second drive: Jeremy Maclin catches a short screen pass and takes it for a long distance to the endzone. But... it doesn't count. Jason Kelce gets called for a block in the back on the play. Really bad and costly mistake by Kelce. Just unnecessary. Good for Philadelphia to see that kind of explosion from Maclin, however. Riley Cooper makes a jumping catch along the sideline to further put the Eagles in scoring position. Rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews caps off the drive with a touchdown. It's the first of his career.

Redskins 4th drive: Field goal (20-14, Redskins)

Garcon kicks off the drive with an amazing catch along the sideline. Eagles seem to stop Washington on third down but Fletcher (who else?) is called for a defensive holding penalty and it's a first down. Fletcher comes up with a stop on the next set of downs, however. Forbath kicks a 44-yard field goal.

Eagles 3rd drive: Touchdown (21-20, Eagles)

Eagles drive into scoring position with less than a minute left in the half. Philadelphia goes for it with 13 second left and no timeouts remaining. Gutsy call by Eagles coach Chip Kelly (see: Big Balls Chip), but it pays off: Jordan Matthews hauls in a beauty of a Nick Foles pass for a touchdown. That gives the Eagles a lead heading into the second half. It's the first time the Eagles have led in the first half all season.

Redskins 5th drive: Time expires

Washington took a knee to end the first half.


Eagles 4th drive: Field goal (24-20, Eagles)

A wide open Maclin catches a pass to start the second half. Eagles center Jason Kelce goes down and slowly walks off the field. Not a good sign for the Eagles. Jordan Matthews draws a holding penalty and that puts the Eagles in scoring position. The Eagles fail to punch it in and Cody Parkey makes a field goal from 38 yards out.

Redskins 6th drive: Punt

Washington is forced to a three-and-out on their first drive of the second half.

Eagles 5th drive: Field goal (27-20, Eagles)

A Washington facemask penalty that almost went uncalled on Darren Sproles' punt return gives the Eagles some free yards. Sproles makes a 22-yard catch over the middle of the field for a big Eagles first down. Philadelphia moving into scoring position after being aided by some Washington penalties. Washington players are dropping on this drive like flies, by the way. Bounty Bowl-esque. Philadelphia has to settle for a field goal in the redzone. Parkey's 33-yard attempt is good.

Redskins 7th drive: Punt

Washington can't get much going.

Eagles 6th drive: Punt

Nothing going for Philadelphia, either.

Redskins 8th drive: Touchdown (27-27, tie)

First play of the drive, deep touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson. 81 yards. You knew it was coming. Nate Allen was beaten in coverage. To no surprise, Jackson celebrated excessively (but no penalty) after the play.

Eagles 7th drive: Punt

Not much going yet again.

Redskins 9th drive: (Continued below)


Redskins 9th drive: Punt

Eagles get a key stop to start the fourth quarter.

Eagles 8th drive: Punt

Three and out. Foles has a wide open Maclin streaking down field and he even threw the ball... but it was completely off target. Big missed opportunity there. That could have easily been a touchdown.

Redskins 10th drive: Missed field goal

Deep pass from Cousins to Garcon puts Washington in the redzone. Pretty good ball from Cousins. Bad defense from the Eagles secondary. A delay of game penalty saves Washington from a would-be sack on third down. Washington ends up having to kick a field goal anyway. Forbath kicks it from only 33 yards out and it's no good. That is quite a break for Philadelphia.

Eagles 9th drive: Touchdown (34-27, Eagles)

CHAOS! Nick Foles throws a pass that appears to be picked off. Washington returns it and Foles is absolutely leveled by Washington defender Chris Baker on the play. Dirty, dirty hit by Baker. Eagles starting offensive tackle Jason Peters is furious, approaches Washington defenders, and chaos ensues. Both teams are gathering in a large huddle that is forming on the Washington sideline. Baker and Peters were both ejected. The play was reviewed and the interception was overturned. Veteran Wade Smith is in the game now. Eagles offensive line looks like this from left to right: Gardner, Smith, Molk, Kelly, Herremans. Yikes. Meanwhile, Foles still looks shaken up, but he's toughing it out. Maclin makes a catch along the sideline but it's ruled incomplete. Eagles challenge and win the call easily. The Eagles new challenge guy is 2-2 on the day. Shortly after, it's Maclin again with a big catch. This time, it's a 27-yard touchdown pass from Foles to Maclin. Eagles take the lead.

Redskins 11th drive: Interception

First play of the drive: Malcolm Jenkins interception. HUGE play for Philadelphia there.

Eagles 10th drive: Field goal (37-27, Eagles)

Eagles not getting much going on offense. Foles overthrows an open Brent Celek down field for a would-be touchdown. Celek might not have had the speed to get to the ball in time, on the other hand. In any case, Cody Parkey comes in for a field goal on 4th and 8. Parkey's kick from 51 yards out is good. Big kick.

Redskins 12th drive: Touchdown (37-34, Eagles)

Washington gets a big gain on a screen play and moves into scoring position. Malcolm Jenkins saved it from being a score. Washington punches it in for anyway, however, via a Roy Helu touchdown.

Eagles 11th drive: Punt

Eagles struggle to get the run game going. Three and out.

Redskins 13th drive: Turnover on downs

A poor 31-yard punt from Donnie Jones gives Washington good field position. Jones originally kicked a bomb but the play was called back on a holding penalty committed by Brad Smith.  Philadelphia forces Washington to a 3rd and 10. Brandon Boykin breaks up the pass. 4th and 10. Washington goes for it. Cousins pass is incomplete. Turnover on downs.

Eagles 12th drive: Time expires

The Eagles get a first down via a James Casey 19-yard catch and run out the clock. Ballgame.


Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Washington post-game coverage.