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The Linc - Eagles vs. Redskins Game Day!

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/21/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles-Redskins Odds - BGN
ICYMI from late last night.

Kellystrator: Week 3 -
This week on the Kellystrator, Chip Kelly joins Ike Reese to break down some of the top plays from Monday's win over Indianapolis, including a huge turnover on defense, one of the biggest touchdowns of the game, and how they got Andrew Luck out of his comfort zone.

Jaccpot Game - Iggles Blitz
The Scins come to town for a big game against the Eagles on Sunday. The winner of this game will sit atop the NFC East, macing it the biggest game in recent NFL history. But that story angle isn’t as compelling as the return of DeSean Jaccson. You may remember Jaccson from his time in Philly. He was the quiet, unassuming receiver that the Eagles abruptly parted ways with after it became clear that he would not give up his quest to become the nation’s poet laureate. When Chip gave him an ultimatum, inside zone or iambic pentameter, Jaccson chose poetry, thus ending his time as an Eagle.

Who’s Picking the Eagles? - Birds 24/7
Here’s a roundup of national media predictions for Sunday’s Eagles-Redskins game.

Eagles' Riley Cooper needs to get open - Inquirer
Riley Cooper took a razor to the tape around both his ankles and proceeded to slice off the bandages. A gaggle of print reporters approached his locker, and the wide receiver dropped the cutter that hangs from every stall in the Eagles locker room. "This ought to be interesting," Cooper said last week. "What?" He stood up and turned as television cameras joined the semicircle.

Chip and the comebacks - Daily News
CHIP KELLY has been manning the South Philly sidelines for just a little over a year, but he has already overtaken Andy Reid in one category: Big comeback victories. Monday night's win in Indianapolis was the Eagles' third win under Kelly in a game in which they trailed by at least 14 points. That includes this year's opener against the Jaguars and last year's Snow Bowl against the Lions. All told, Chip is 3-5 in games in which the Birds trail by two touchdowns.

Opponents play keep-away from Eagles' offense - CSN Philly
All these days later it’s still hard to comprehend. The Colts have arguably the game’s best young quarterback. They have three wide receivers who have each exceeded 1,000 yards at least once. And they have a first-round bust of a running back who averages 3.3 yards per carry over his career. And yet their attack strategy Sunday night against the Eagles called for taking the ball out of the hands of two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Andrew Luck and their best playmakers and riding their struggling running back for as long as they could.

Presenting a long awaited social media win for Washington: RG3mixes - SB Nation
The hottest new social media trend in the NFL.