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The Linc - Nick Foles' happy feet

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/20/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Wulf's Den: Every Inch Counts For Sproles -
Another EXCELLENT Wulf's Den column, as always. Watch Evan Mathis/Todd Herremans go up against Cary Williams/Earl Wolff in a question game, and plenty more.

Some OL Talk - Iggles Blitz
Watching the JAX/WAS game felt almost like a waste of time. The Jags were just awful. Give the Skins credit for playing well, but that game was more about how awful Jacksonville is right now. Gus Bradley is a defensive guru, but they have left RBs, receivers and TEs wide open for the past 2 weeks. You can live with a play where Cary Williams bites on a fake and gets burned. That is one player making a mistake of aggression. When pass catchers are running around open, play after play…that is disturbing. The scheme works in Seattle. Are the Jags players that bad or is the coaching an issue?

The Matchup: Eagles Vs. Washington - Birds 24/7
Nick Foles has not looked comfortable when faced with pressure. His performance through two games has been uneven. Foles is 48-for-82 (58.5 percent) and averaging 8.0 YPA. He has thrown three touchdowns compared to two interceptions. Foles has been chucking it downfield a ton so far. According to Pro Football Focus, 22 percent of his passes have traveled 20+ yards from the line of scrimmage. That's the top mark in the league. But Foles will need to have time to feel comfortable in the pocket and hit on those shot plays.

Chip Kelly Update: Dominatin’ Ugly - Fishduck
Only three NFC teams are now 2-0. The Eagles are one, the Seahawks and 49’ers are not. Both teams are on the Birds’ schedule, but the Birds are one-up on each at the moment. Oregon fans will recognize the pattern of Philadelphia’s first two games this year. The team struggles in the first half, giving up points and struggling to get even a first down. After halftime, though, the offense explodes and the defense ratchets down. Against Michigan State, the Ducks scored 28 straight in the second half; against the Jaguars, the Eagles ran up 34. It’s been called "The Oregon Ambush" as recently as this week and as long ago as 2010. Against Chip Kelly’s teams, you’re juggling dynamite. You think you’re pulling it off, juggle juggle juggle, almost done, oh crap, BOOM.

Eagles couldn't wait to get Darren Sproles - Daily News
IF DARREN SPROLES continues to do what he's done the last 2 weeks, if the little guy helps take the Eagles deep into the playoffs next January, general manager Howie Roseman and head coach Chip Kelly need to send a nice, big Edible Arrangement to their counterparts in New Orleans, Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton.

Twitter sensation gets an assist from an Eagle - Inquirer
Evan Mathis first began following @FanSince09 on Twitter soon after Mathis got to the Eagles. "I saw the copious amounts of humor, satire, and parody on his time line, I had to follow," the Eagles offensive lineman said Thursday in an e-mail. "A lot of what he does is just exposing stupid people. It started with highlighting awful grammar and has evolved into catching criminals. It's art.'"

The education of Jordan Matthews - Inquirer
Asked about Matthews' drops, coach Chip Kelly noted that the receiver bounced back from his drops in the preseason opener against the Bears. "So some of it is just concentration, fingertips, eyes to the catch, make sure you're tucking it away," Kelly said. "Little fundamental things but nothing we're concerned about.

All-22: Happy feet keeping Foles from seeing whole field - CSN Philly
But after two games this season, Foles appears less confident in his protection and less willing to scan the landscape before heading out of the pocket. His completion percentage is down to 58.5, well below his career average 62.0. On several snaps against the Colts on Monday, Foles’ feet were already moving before his receivers’ routes developed. The Colts didn’t blitz much nor put anyone on the field who had more than 3.5 sacks last year but still managed to keep Foles on the run on several critical downs.

Roger Goodell spends 45 minutes dodging questions - SB Nation
The commissioner admitted personal mistakes in the handling of recent domestic violence cases, but offered little else.