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2014 NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Eagles Compilation

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Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL season is almost here which means NFL Power Rankings are back, and with the return of power rankings comes the return of the weekly power rankings compilation

Here is a round-up of how various Internet media outlets have ranked your Philadelphia Eagles. Let's start by revisiting mine.

Bleeding Green Nation

7) Philadelphia Eagles - Philly owned the best second half record in 2013 at 7-1. I wouldn't be surprised to see that success carry over into 2014. The offense should still be good and the defense can be "good enough."

SB Nation

7) Systems theory in action. The media flipped the narrative on Chip Kelly as fast as he runs the Eagles offense. Speaking of that offense, will they still be as productive without DeSean Jackson?


6) With 27 touchdowns and two interceptions last year, Nick Foles is a lock for regression. But will he regress enough for anyone else to pass Philly in the NFC East?

CBS (Prisco)

9) They will be fun to watch on offense again. The key to their success will be improving the pass defense.

CBS (Kirwan)

8) Chip Kelly has a year under his belt in the NFL and we will see even more good things from his offense. Hopefully the defense is improved. Until teams figure out how to contain LeSean McCoy and slow the pace of this offense down, the Eagles keep winning games.


7) The new offense that focuses more on getting the skill position players the ball in space and less on vertical shots has hit the ground running. More importantly, the defense looks to have taken a step forward this preseason, led by the emergence of Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham.

6) After a shaky preseason opener, Philly has looked strong on offense. But how will the defense fare? Although that unit was bagged on hard by pundits in 2013, it did rank 17th in points allowed -- not bad. Maybe the Eagles can get some players on that side of the ball when they swing backup quarterback Mark Sanchez to the Rams in some kind of Ricky Williams-type deal. Or, you know, a fifth-round pick would be nice.

Washington Post

9) Maybe Nick Foles can’t put up the same otherworldly numbers, and maybe the league will figure out Coach Chip Kelly’s offense just a little bit. DeSean Jackson might be missed to some extent. But this is probably a better all-around team than it was last season.


9) Nick Foles now entrenched as the starter and operates an offense that's loaded, especially with playmaker LeSean McCoy.


6) There has to be some concern about receiver Jeremy Maclin staying healthy for anywhere near 16 games. But if he does, the Eagles offense is loaded.

Mile High Report

9) We could be seeing the early stages of a Jimmy Johnson-like dynasty forming up with these Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly certainly surprised me and most of the league by having the kind of success he did in his rookie season and with the 4th most cap space in the NFL, the Eagles have the capital to seriously improve an already talented roster in 2015. The NFC better take notice!


The rankings range from as high as 6 to as low as 9. 9 was the most common ranking. 7.5 is the average ranking. Interesting to see not even one outlet had the Eagles outside of the top 10. Clearly a lot of people remain high on Philadelphia, but not enough to the point where they're in top 5 territory.

The Eagles probably won't be moved up too much if they manage to beat the lowly-ranked Jacksonville Jaguars this week. What they do have is a lot more room to fall down the rankings if that happens.