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Former Eagles News: Safety Kurt Coleman signs with the Chiefs

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An Eagles reunion in Kansas City!

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Former Eagles safety Kurt Coleman has reunited with former head coach Andy Reid. Coleman signed with the Chiefs on Tuesday, following his release from the Vikings on Saturday.

Coleman spent the entire off-season in Minnesota after signing with the Vikings as a free agent. Prior to joining the Vikings, Coleman spent four polarizing years in Philadelphia. During his tenure in Philadelphia, Coleman played in 59 games (19 starts) and served as quality special teams player. Coleman compiled 221 tackles,  11 pass breakups, seven interceptions and two forced fumbles.

While Coleman's numbers were impressive for a former seventh round pick, his presence on the Eagles roster seemed to draw the ire of Eagles fans. It seems that his constant survival indicated a lack of talent and depth on the Eagles roster. He had a very rough reputation in Philadelphia, probably more so than he deserved.

Coleman will likely be the fourth safety in Kansas City and serve on special teams, which is probably where he will be most effective.