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NFL Power Rankings 2014, Week 1: Eagles start in Top 10

Ranking all 32 NFL Teams.

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Football is back! We're now only two days away from the 2014 NFL regular season opening game on Thursday night. The Green Bay Packers will face the Seahawks in Seattle to get the season underway.

Now that the NFL season is back, so is everyone's most favorite activity: NFL Power Rankings. It's that time of year to see where all 32 teams rank for the first time. For reference purposes, here is a link to 2013's final edition of NFL Power Rankings.

The Philadelphia Eagles will start their season at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Let's dive right in.


1) Seattle Seahawks - The defending 2014 NFL Super Bowl Champions start the season out on top.

2) Denver Broncos - I almost have reservations about ranking the Broncos this high after seeing how poorly they played in the Super Bowl. Then I remember that Peyton Manning threw 55 touchdowns last year.

3) New England Patriots - Easily still the best team in the AFC East. No reason to bet against Bill and Brady.

4) Green Bay Packers - A healthy Aaron Rodgers makes a huge difference.

5) San Francisco 49ers - SF has had a busy offseason and not necessarily in a good way. A number of their players have landed themselves in trouble. High drama. This team is very talented, but I wonder if they're poised to take a step back.

6) New Orleans Saints - The Saints were very aggressive in the offseason, which was wise. They're trying to make one last run while they can with Drew Brees.

7) Philadelphia Eagles - Philly owned the best second half record in 2013 at 7-1. I wouldn't be surprised to see that success carry over into 2014. The offense should still be good and the defense can be "good enough."

8) Cincinnati Bengals - When was the last a team kept their head coach but lost their offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator in the same offseason? Genuinely curious to see if this matters.

9) Indianapolis Colts - The Colts were a really weird team last season. They had some quality wins but they also looked less than inspiring at other times. Fortunately for them, they're still the best team in what seems like a pretty bad division.

10) Chicago Bears - I'm a big believer in the Trest Coast Offense. The Chicago defense is not without question marks but there's no way it can be as bad as last season. Right?

11) San Diego Chargers - Phillip Rivers had a pretty great year under Mike McCoy. I'm not sure if they can beat out Denver to win the AFC West but I think they're primed to be second at least. Keenan Allen should be fun to watch in his second year.

12) Baltimore Ravens - I don't know how to really feel about this Ravens team, but I can see them being the second best team in the AFC North.

13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Greg Schiano is gone. I'm not the biggest Lovie Smith fan but there's no denying he's an upgrade from the last regime. The Bucs still have some nice talent in place. The NFC South is wide open outside of the Saints being on top.

14) Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals were the best team not to make the playoff last season. That defense still could be OK despite the losses of Darnell Dockett and Daryl Washington.

15) Detroit Lions - Jim Caldwell doesn't really move the needle for me but this Lions team has some talent. Plus Caldwell can't be any worse than Jim Schwartz.

16) Kansas City Chiefs - KC lost a number of players in the offseason. That'll be great for them when collecting compilation picks in 2015 but not before the losses are felt this year. Some of those losses came on the offensive line, where somehow Mike McGlynn is now projected to be a starter. Andy Reid is fine with paying Alex Smith $15 million a year so KC can finish third in the AFC West.

17) Atlanta Falcons - Julio Jones is a favorite to win Comeback Player of the Year. He'll be needed with Tony Gonzalez finally deciding to retire.

18) Pittsburgh Steelers - Maybe I'm overreacting to the preseason but the Steelers starters just looked terrible against in the team's dress rehearsal game against the Eagles.

19) Carolina Panthers - Jerricho Cotchery, Kelvin Benjamin, and Jason Avant are the starting wide receivers. Offensive tackle Jordan Gross retired. I'm not high on the Panthers.

20) St. Louis Rams - Awesome defense but no quarterback. Youngest team in the NFL but no cap space. Probably going to be the best team to finish last in their division yet again.

21) New York Jets - I have to think this is Rex Ryan's last year in New Jersey. The Jets were way worse than their 8-8 record indicated last season. Which lucky team will end up with Ryan as their defensive coordinator?

22) Washington Redskins - Look for Washington's first round pick to be a real difference maker for them this year.

23) New York Giants - Take it away, Jimmy Kempski: "NYG: Bottom 5 OL/RB/TE. Eli coming off 27 INT, & ~$20M against cap in 2015 with almost no penalty to cut. Eli may not be a Giant next year."

24) Dallas Cowboys - So, about that defense...

25) Miami Dolphins - I think a lot of people give Bill Lazor too much credit for the success of both the Eagles offense and Nick Foles. We'll see what he can do as the offensive coordinator in Miami.

26) Houston Texans - J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney is an awesome combination on defense. Neither of them can play quarterback.

27) Minnesota Vikings - How long before Teddy Bridgewater takes over?

28) Jacksonville Jaguars - The Gus Bus named Chad Henne as the team's starting quarterback to begin the season and I'm sure teams are thankful for that.

29) Cleveland Browns - "Miles Austin goes to the Pro Bowl this year as a Brown. I said it." - Mike Freeman

30) Tennessee Titans - The Titans finished 7-9 in 2013. That was good enough for second in the AFC South. What a terrible division.

31) Buffalo Bills - What are the Bills doing? I don't think they're nearly good enough to be dealing away 2015 draft picks so freely. This team could easily finish bottom five in 2014 and be without their first round pick (Sammy Watkins trade) and fourth round pick (Bryce Brown trade).

32) Oakland Raiders - David Carr was replaced by Matt Schaub in Houston. Now it's Schaub who is being replaced by Derek Carr in Oakland.

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