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The Linc - Reviewing Nick Foles' Struggles

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/18/2014.

Andy Lyons

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Let's get to the links...

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 2 in the books -
2) Eagles missing 3/6 of their best OL, Foles hasn't been good, Shady avg 3.7 YPC, WRs dropping balls, and the Eagles are still the # 1 O in NFL.

Taking a Peek at the Struggles of Nick Foles - ChipWagon
The Eagles are sitting at 2-0 and at the top of the NFC East after 2 weeks. While we as fans should be ecstatic, the team just hasn't looked right. The defense has had some breakdowns but overall we've seen steady improvement from that unit since last year. However, the biggest question/concern at the moment is the play of QB Nick Foles. While his stat line doesn't look horrendously bad, there is definitely something not right with Nick. He looked more comfortable in the pocket in week 2 and did a better job of feeling the pressure and getting the ball out quicker. However his accuracy continues to be off most notably on crossing routes and passes out wide.

Some Foles Talk - Iggles Blitz
Nick Foles has been up and down through 2 games. Trying to analyze and discuss his play has become a bit of a tricky subject. No rational person is trying to make a definitive statement about Foles based on the first 2 games. He’s not suddenly a bad QB. He hasn’t been exposed. And so on. At the same time, we can’t sit back and obsess on 2013 and act as if that season defines Foles. Player evaluation is fluid, not permanent. Players are judged every year. Even a player with a strong track record has to be evaluated. You never know when a player will decline. Sometimes that is based on age, sometimes health and sometimes circumstance.

Eagle Eye: How The Colts' Luck Ran Out -
This was a character-building win, one that you can point to later in the year when you’re facing adversity and say, "Remember when," to pick your teammate up on the sideline. The Colts, led by probably one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL right now, are a chic pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Getting a win in come-from-behind fashion over that team on the road is a huge boost for a team looking to take the next step. How did they pull the win out on Monday? Let’s have a closer look.

DeSean Readying For Return To Philly - Birds 24/7
"I think honestly what has happened has happened, it's in the past," said Jackson. "Moving forward in my career is the biggest thing I can really say. Why it happened the way it happened, I'm not really worried about that. As far as talking to some of the guys still there, I have a great relationship with LeSean McCoy -- he's like a brother to me -- so we talk on an everyday basis almost. As much as he misses playing with me, I miss playing with him as well. We felt the dual threat that me and him had together was unlike any other in the league. I wish him the best but unfortunately this week I can't really wish him the best against us so hopefully my defensive boys get on him and shut him down."

Eagles' wideouts playing lesser role - Daily News
In the first two games this season, almost all of those numbers have dropped dramatically. The wideouts have been targeted on only 48 percent of Foles' attempts. They have only 32.7 percent of the team's receptions and 37.5 percent of the receiving yards. They have only 40.7 percent of the receiving first downs and 30.8 percent of the third-down receptions.

Jay Gruden: Eagles' releasing DeSean Jackson was 'curious' - CSN Philly
DeSean Jackson is a mystery -- or two mysteries, actually. The first has to do with whether he will play this weekend. The second is more complicated and might never be answered: How and why did Jackson end up in Washington after having a career year in Philadelphia last season?

Eagles fan helps track down possible suspects in Philadelphia gay bashing - Outsports
Possible suspects in the horrific gay bashing of a young couple in Philadelphia last Thursday have been identified thanks to teamwork on social media, especially a Twitter user who says he was "voted #1 Eagles fan on Twitter."

Absurd Power Rankings: NFL defensive coordinators' babysitting ability - SB Nation
2) Bill Davis knows all kinds of cool science tricks. Give him a match, a slice of lemon, a saucer, and a glass, and he's gonna MYSTIFY you. Tends to rely too much on putting peanut butter on things at snacktime.