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Eagles vs. Redskins: Interactive Q&A with Hogs Haven

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Interactive chat with Hunter Jennings of Hogs Haven.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In preparation of the upcoming Philadelphia Eagles versus Washington Redskins game this week, Bleeding Green Nation and Hogs Haven have been keeping in touch. Along with our "Five Questions with the Enemy" exchange, we will also be using an interactive question and answer format provided by 'ReplyAll'. This chat feature updates from both Bleeding Green Nation's own Mark Saltveit and Hunter Jennings of Washington SB Nation site Hogs Haven.

So far the two participants have already touched on DeSean Jackson, DeSean Jackson, DeSean Jackson, DeSean Jackson, and also, DeSean Jackson. Surprising, right? But don't worry, if you're all DeSean'd out, it looks like the conversation is taking some other directions as well.

The discussion is already well along, giving you plenty of content to chew on for now, but it's not quite done yet. Tune in to this post over the next few days to see it progress more. Check back often for more updates. There's certainly no shortage of words when it comes to fans of NFC East rivals involved in a debate.