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2014 NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Eagles Compilation

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Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of the 2014 NFL season is over which means it's time for NFL Power Rankings. With the return of power rankings comes the return of the weekly Philadelphia Eagles power rankings compilation.

Here is a round-up of how various Internet media outlets have ranked the Eagles. Let's see what the 'experts' are saying. As always, we'll start by revisiting mine first.

Bleeding Green Nation

3) The Eagles lead the NFL in yards gained and points scored. And they haven't played their best football for a complete game yet. There are still concerns, but the best just might be still to come.

Last week: 4

SB Nation

6) The Eagles moved to 2-0 with another second-half comeback victory, this time over the Colts, but it wasn't pretty.

Last week: 4

Cincy Jungle

5) Have to give them credit, they play for a full 60 minutes. This team is never going to feel like they are out of the game.

Last week: 7

Mile High Report

3) Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles had another shaky start to a game before exploding in the final quarter to secure victory, becoming the first team ever to be down by 14 or more points at halftime and win both games to start a season 2-0. That kind of play will eventually result in a loss, but both comebacks were impressive enough to vault them into third in our power rankings.

Last week: 5

Revenge of the Birds

4) A prime time win against Andrew Luck and the Colts has put Phili in the best position possible. Phili will probably stay in the top five and possibly even move up as they face little competition until week 8 against the Cardinals. Eagles are flying high.

Last week: 7

The Phinsider

7) [No explanation.]

Last week: 8


4) Darren Sproles caught all seven targets for a career-high 152 yards Monday night, including a 17-yard catch to set up the game-winning field goal. Sproles is a big reason Philly is 2-0.

Last week: 4

3) Monday night's performance shows what a threat Philly can be, considering Nick Foles missed some wide-open receivers, the club fared quite poorly in the first half -- and the Eagles still won. I honestly thought the game was over when Philadelphia cornerback Bradley Fletcher let a would-be interception slip right through his hands in the end zone, giving Indy a chance to go up 20-6 in the third quarter.

Last week: 4


5) Are there any offensive weapons that Chip Kelly can’t turn into productive players within his scheme? Building on Week 1’s momentum, Darren Sproles totaled 178 yards and a touchdown as he looked like his vintage self. The Eagles completed another impressive comeback and snapped their red zone touchdown drought.

Last week: 5

CBS (Prisco)

6) They run the ball out of that spread the way you're supposed to run it: with a lot of space. The defense has some issues, though.

Last week: 8

CBS (Kirwan)

9) Chip Kelly's team is undefeated and they play hard for 60 minutes. I'm not sure any lead on these guys is safe in the second half. To move up the Power Rankings, though, the defense has to keep improving.

Last week: 5


5) You knew when they got Darren Sproles that he was going to be an insane playmaker in that offense.

Last week: 6

Philadelphia Daily News

5) A word of caution: last time Eagles started 2-0 they finished 4-12. Just sayin’.

Last week: 6

Washington Post

10) Eagles pulled out another win despite poor play from quarterback Nick Foles. Defenses need to figure out how to neutralize Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense. Then they have to neutralize running back Darren Sproles. Until then, Eagles may continue to soar.

Last week: 4


4) That’s two straight comeback wins for the Iggles, who get a major boost from Darren Sproles, the speedy running back who makes you think you’re playing Madden when you watch him fly around the field.

Last week: 7


The rankings range from as high as 3 to as low as 10. 5 was the most common ranking. 5.27 is the average ranking. That's barely up from last week's average ranking of 5.5.

I was surprised to see some of the outlets actually drop the Eagles by a significant amount. I know the Eagles didn't look sharp in the first half for a second straight week but there's something to be said for bouncing back. As I pointed out in my ranking, Philadelphia leads the NFL in both points and yards. That's not just a fluke.

It looks like the Eagles need a convincing win over Washington this week to earn respect from some of these harsh rankers.