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The Linc - Darren Sproles is awesome

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/16/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 - BGN
I posted a lot of coverage overnight and you probably missed some of it, so check it out here all in one place.

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Colts game -
The Eagles allowed 27 points, but they were better than the points might indicate. The Eagles only gave up 4.7 yards per play. To put that in perspective, only two teams -- the Seahawks and Bengals -- allowed 4.7 yards per play or less in 2013. So how did the Colts put 27 points on the board? Well, the Colts ran the following number of plays on their five scoring drives: 9, 11, 10, 10, 12. On those five scoring drives, the Colts averaged 6.1 yards per play. The Colts sustained long drives, which is certainly not ideal from a defensive perspective, but the Eagles made the Colts earn their points. The Colts had just one play of 20+ yards, and none through the air.

Who exactly is on the Eagles Special Teams (and where)? (2014) - Bird Breakdown
Insight: For both kickoff coverage and kickoff returns, no matter which direction the Eagles were facing that quarter, the players did not flip sides. In other words, a player on the kicker’s left side in the first quarter will be on the kicker’s right side in the second quarter. If you’re near the Eagles sideline in quarter one, you still line up near the Eagles sideline in quarter two. And Parkey kicked from the far set of hashes every time.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Defense Turns The Tide - Birds 24/7
"It's as hard a working team as I've ever been around," said Chip Kelly. "There was nobody on our team in the fourth quarter that didn't believe we had an opportunity to win the football game and they were all playing like it. I don't think anybody on our side was tired. You had guys on the sidelines talking about, 'Hey this is just like Period 22 in our training sessions.' You kind of see that they value what we do during the week and I think it shows  off when we're playing games on Sunday or Monday."

10 observations from Eagles-Colts - CSN Philly
The defense showed me a ton on the Colts’ drive before the two-minute warning, right after the Eagles tied the game at 27. Andrew Luck has fashioned 11 fourth-quarter comebacks in his brief career, and the fans at Lucas Oil Stadium sensed another one when the Colts got the ball back with 3½ minutes left. But after Trent Richardson gained six yards on first down, the defense stopped Richardson for a one-yard loss on second down and harassed Luck into a rushed incompletion on third down. Eagles ball. Great stuff from a defense that had been gashed much of the night.

Marcus Smith not contributing yet, and that’s OK - T7L
From the moment he was drafted, fans and analysts alike have found it difficult to conceal their disappointment in Philadelphia Eagles outside linebacker Marcus Smith. Most "experts" had Smith going in the second or third round, not No. 26 overall, so right off the bat the Louisville product was stamped with the dreaded "reach" label—never mind reports he wouldn’t have been available much longer.

Cary Williams says Eagles are 'contenders' after comeback win over Colts -
"We're contenders." The Eagles defense came up big on Monday night, shutting the Colts out in the fourth quarter and forcing an Andrew Luck fourth-quarter interception that helped to keep the game within reach. "We knew had to make some plays and force Andrew Luck to make mistakes," Williams said, "because he hardly makes them."

Darren Sproles does it all for Kelly's offense - Inquirer
Chip Kelly likes to correct anyone who has the gall to call Darren Sproles a receiver. But Sproles is not the running back that the Eagles coach says he is, first and foremost. Sproles is a running-receiving-returning, all-purpose back. And he ran with purpose and willed the Eagles to a thrilling, 30-27, comeback victory over the Colts on Monday night. Sproles ran up and down the track at Lucas Oil Stadium like he was sprinting in the 100-yard dash and everyone else was on Mile 26 of a marathon.

The MMBM: Rise of the lunch pail players - SB Nation
It was a rough Sunday in the NFL, with stars like RG3, Ryan Mathews and others getting hurt. PFT Commenter celebrates the lunch pail players who took over.