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NFL Power Rankings 2014, Week 3: Eagles are second best NFC team

Ranking all 32 NFL Teams.

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Now that Week 2 of the 2014 NFL season is over, it's time to see where all 32 teams rank. For reference purposes, here is a link to last week's NFL Power Rankings.

The Philadelphia Eagles advanced to 2-0 with yet another come-from-behind win.

Let's dive right in to the rankings.


1) Denver Broncos (Last Week: 2) - It looked Denver might let the game slip away from them at one point but they didn't let it happen.

2) Seattle Seahawks (LW: 1) - Seattle is still very good, but they're not unbeatable. Especially on the road.

3) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 4) - The Eagles lead the NFL in yards gained and points scored. And they haven't played their best football for a complete game yet. There are still concerns, but the best just might be still to come.

4) Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 5) - The Bengals were 8-0 at home in 2013 and they're 1-0 so far in 2014. They're tough to beat in Cincy.

5) New England Patriots (LW: 7) - Don't press the panic button just yet. New England looks like they're going to be fine.

6) San Francisco 49ers (LW: 3) - The 49ers opened their new stadium with a late-game collapse. That's not ideal.

7) Green Bay Packers (LW: 8) - Didn't look as impressive against the Jets at home as I thought they would have. Thankfully for Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers is really good.

8) Arizona Cardinals (LW: 9) - Managed to win despite missing Carson Palmer and having to start Drew Stanton, who is not very good. The Cardinals defense is still solid despite missing some key players.

9) San Diego Chargers (LW: 13) - Real quality win for the Chargers at home against the defending Super Bowl champions. The Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates connection is still running strong.

10) Chicago Bears (LW: 14) - I remained bullish on the Bears despite their Week 1 home loss to Buffalo. They rewarded my good faith by earning a tough win on the road in San Francisco.

11) Carolina Panthers (LW: 16) - Sorry, Carolina. I've been underrating you in past weeks. Some might still argue that I'm underrating you. I still want to see more, though.

12) New Orleans Saints (LW: 6) - Big drop for New Orleans here. Who saw the Saints starting off 0-2? Then again, they're not exactly known to be road warriors. I'm sure they'll be able to rebound back home at the Superdome.

13) Indianapolis Colts (LW: 10) - Andrew Luck lost a back-to-back football game for the first time since 2009.

14) Detroit Lions (LW: 11) - Didn't show much on the road in Carolina.

15) Baltimore Ravens (LW: 18) - Easily the second best team in the AFC North.

16) Atlanta Falcons (LW: 12) - The Falcons were 1-7 on the road in 2013. That one win was an overtime win over the Bills. They're just not much of a threat as a road team.

17) Houston Texans (LW: 21) - The Texans stomped a lowly Raiders team. J.J. Watt even caught a touchdown pass. 2-0 isn't a bad start for the worst team in 2013.

18) Buffalo Bills (LW: 29) - Big, big jump for the Bills here. Wins over Chicago and Miami were quality victories. I'm not sure how the Bills are 2-0, but they are, so here you go.

19) Miami Dolphins (LW: 17) - One week after beating the Patriots, the Dolphins don't look so hot.

20) New York Jets (LW: 20) - The Jets played the Packers tough on the road. If not for a total gaffe by Marty Mornhinweg/Sheldon Richardson/whoever called that timeout, the Jets may have had a chance to win that one.

21) Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 15) - Color me unimpressed with this Steelers team. They barely managed to hang on against the Browns and then they were beaten decisively on the road in Baltimore.

22) St. Louis Rams (LW: 25) - Good road win for the Rams. Still don't have a great outlook for this season.

23) Dallas Cowboys (LW: 27) - The defense is playing better than expected. Tony Romo doesn't look very good, however.

24) Washington Redskins (LW: 28) - Robert Griffin III and DeSean Jackson left the game early with injuries but Washington didn't miss a beat. They obliterated a lowly Jaguars team.

25) Cleveland Browns (LW: 31) - Cleveland played the Steelers close in Week 1 and were able to upset the Saints in Week 2. How about those Browns?

26) Minnesota Vikings (LW: 22) - The Vikings were without Adrian Peterson on Sunday. It looks like he'll be returning this week.

27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 19) - I've been too high on this Buccaneers team. They lost to a second string QB in Week 1 and now a third string QB in Week 2. They even had home field advantage in both games!

28) Tennessee Titans (LW: 23) - Yuck. The Titans stunk it up at home.

29) Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 24) - Credit to the Chiefs for playing the Broncos tough in Denver. That said, I'm just not high on this team moving forward. They're missing a number of key players due to injury. Jamaal Charles suffered a high ankle sprain. Look at KC's schedule and tell me where you see their next win coming.

30) New York Giants (0-2) - Eli Manning has thrown 4 interceptions in two games. This NYG team has the feel of the 2012 Eagles. That's not a good thing.

31) Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 30) - Jacksonville's offensive line is terrible. Chad Henne isn't good. Toby Gerhart isn't good. The Jaguars defense isn't good. This is still a really bad team.

32) Oakland Raiders (LW: 32) - This team is bad and they need to make significant changes in the organization.

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