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Grade the Philadelphia Eagles 30-27 victory over the Indianapolis Colts

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The Eagles beat the Colts, 30-27. Now let's grade how they did.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another win that didn't come easy, but the Philadelphia Eagles are now 2-0 on the 2014 NFL season. The Philadelphia Eagles overcame a 20-6 deficit to the Indianapolis Colts on the road to win by a score of 30-27.

Now that the game is over, let's assign a letter grade.

My grade: B

The Eagles offense was slow to start for the second straight week. Many players were to blame. The offensive line didn't offer much push in the running game. Andrew Gardner seemed like a weak point at right tackle. Starting wide receivers Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, and Jordan Matthews dropped a plethora of passes. Nick Foles wasn't very sharp and he missed a number of open targets yet again. Despite all this, the Eagles still managed to gain 458 yards. Running back Darren Sproles and tight end Zach Ertz were critical to moving the chains and generating big plays.

The defense allowed 169 rushing yards. That was unexpected because the Colts don't exactly feature a top running game. Philadelphia allowed the Colts to score three touchdowns on four redzone trips. Those were the big negatives. On the other hand, the Eagles defense forced two turnovers. They also looked good on third down. Through two games, the Eagles defense has held opposing offenses to 6-26 (23.1%) on third down. Philadelphia finished at 40.3% in 2013, which was the 9th worst rate. Small sample size, yes, but that's certainly improvement.

Cody Parkey missed a 38-yard field goal early. Philadelphia's special teams units committed a few penalties, including offsides on a kickoff. Parkey came up big in the end, however, with a 36-yard drive for the win. Clutch.

What's your grade?