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Eagles vs. Colts Final Score: Philadelphia beats Indianapolis with Cody Parkey field goal to win, 30-27

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on Monday, 30-27. The Eagles moved to 2-0 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a return home to face the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

Andy Lyons


Eagles win the toss, but defer. Colts opt to receive. Cody Parkey's opening kick goes for a touchback.

Colts 1st drive: Punt

Connor Barwin bats down an Andrew Luck pass on the first offensive play. Mychal Kendricks flies into the backfield to tackle Trent Richardson for a loss. Colts have to punt. Good start for Philadelphia.

Eagles 1st drive: Field goal (3-0, Eagles)

Dennis Kelly is starting at left guard and Andrew Gardner is at right tackle, as expected. First play is a screen pass to LeSean McCoy for a first down. A big pass from Nick Foles to Zach Ertz puts the Eagles in field goal range. Eagles end up having to kick. Cody Parkey 31-yard attempt is good.

Colts 2nd drive: Touchdown (7-3, Colts)

Indianapolis picks up a first down on a big run by Ahmad Bradshaw.  Colts move into the redzone. Colts go for it on 4th and goal from the 1 and it's good. Touchdown pass from Luck to Bradshaw. Not an awesome series for the Eagles defense. Too easy for Indy.

Eagles 2nd drive: Missed field goal

Darren Sproles starts the Eagles' second drive with a big catch and run for 57 yards. Sproles is kind of a weapon, huh? Then Riley Cooper drops a touchdown pass in the endzone. Jordan Matthews fails to haul in a catch on third down. That's his second drop of the game. Cody Parkey misses a 38-yard field goal. In a dome. Obviously a disappointing drive for Philadelphia.

Colts 3rd drive: (Continued below)

Eagles seem to be missing a lot of tackles. The run defense has been especially disappointing.


Colts 3rd drive: Field goal (10-3, Colts)

Eagles jump twice offsides twice on one drive: Barwin and Brandon Graham are guilty. Philadelphia gets a stop on 3rd and 14. Adam Vinatieri kick is good from 46.

Eagles 3rd drive: Punt

Not much going for the Eagles offense. Eagles don't opt to go for it on 4th and 1, punt instead.

Colts 4th drive: Punt

Three and out. Good stop for the Eagles defense.

Eagles 4th drive: Field goal (10-6, Colts)

Vick Foles (sic) starts the drive with a goofy slide for a gain. LeSean McCoy looking shifty and effective as ever. Eagles drive into scoring territory but are stopped in the redzone again. Parkey's 23-yard FG is good. Eagles out-gaining Colts 206-107, but losing.

Colts 5th drive: Touchdown (17-6, Colts)

Richardson is running all over the Eagles defense, which is obviously not a good sign. Eagles jump offsides (encroachment) for the third time on the night and give up a first down. Indianapolis moves into the redzone and Luck throws a touchdown to tight end Jack Doyle.

Eagles 5th drive: Interception

Eagles try to get in scoring position. Foles airs out a pass deep for Maclin, who had a step on Greg Toler, but Toler picks it off. Looked like the ball was underthrown but Maclin could have also fought for it better. Either way, bad. Good play by Toler.

Colts 6th drive: Clock expires

Colts take a knee to end the first half.


Eagles 6th drive: Punt

Third drop for Jordan Matthews. Foles misses Cooper wide open on third down for what could have been a catch-and-run for a first. Not a good start to the second half.

Colts 7th drive: Punt

Eagles force a stop. Malcolm Jenkins bats a pass to the ground on third down. Clutch play.

Eagles 7th drive: Punt

Foles overthrows Maclin near the sideline. Maclin may have been able to come down with it but it goes right through his hands. Looked high.

Colts 8th drive: Field goal (20-6, Colts)

Colts drive into the redzone. Bradley Fletcher drops a wide open interception in the endzone. Terrible. Colts end up having to settle for a field goal, however. Kick is good.

Eagles 8th drive: Touchdown (20-13, Colts)

Riley Cooper second drop of the night to start the drive. Pass to Ertz is caught! Wow, a catch. Cooper draws pass interference on a deep pass and the Eagles are in scoring position at the 1. Brent Celek drops a would-be touchdown pass, but then McCoy punches it in for a short rushing TD. Goes without saying that Philadelphia needed that score.

Colts 9th drive: Fumble

Richardson fumbles due to Fletcher Cox punching the ball out. Great play by Cox. Eagles recover.

Eagles 9th drive: Touchdown (20-20, tie)

Foles throws behind a wide open Ertz. McCoy makes up for it by rushing for a first down on 3rd and 15. Sproles pulls off a beastly run for an Eagles touchdown. Sproles ran hard through contact on a pretty sick play. Watch it here:

Colts 10th drive: (Continued below)

Mychal Kendricks goes down. Casey Matthews come in. Yikes. Philadelphia is already thin at inside linebacker with top backup Najee Goode out for the season.


Colts 10th drive: Touchdown (27-20, Colts)

Colts drive 80 yards on 12 plays for a touchdown. Luck floats a ball to a wide open Bradshaw for the score.

Eagles 10th drive: Punt

Philadelphia is stopped short on third and one. Foles slid a yard shy of the marker on second down but then again pressure was oncoming.

Colts 11th drive: Interception

Big whiff by Casey Matthews gives the Colts a first down. Colts drive is cut short when an Indianapolis wide receiver falls over and a Luck pass is thrown right to Malcolm Jenkins. Brandon Boykin may have gotten away with pass interference and/or defensive holding on that play.

Eagles 11th drive: Touchdown (27-27, tie)

Eagles receive a generous call. McCoy is brought down and a Colts defender is called for a horse-collar tackle but there probably wasn't one there. Sproles big play yet again! A long catch and run, thanks to good blocking, puts the Eagles in scoring position. Maclin catches a pass from Foles to tie the game.

Colts 12th drive: Punt

Huge stop by the Eagles defense here. Colts have to punt.

Eagles 12th drive: Field goal (30-27, Eagles)

Philadelphia drives into scoring position after Foles connects with Ertz. The Eagles get into field goal range and run the clock down to three seconds. Parkey kicks an attempt from 36 yards... and it's GOOD! But wait! The Colts called a timeout. Parkey kicks from 36 for real this time... and it's good! Eagles win! 2-0.


(I was close. I had the Eagles winning 31-28 with a Parkey game-winning field goal from 50+ yards.)

Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Colts post-game coverage.

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