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The Linc - More snaps for Brandon Boykin

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/14/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Words on the Birds: Eagles-Colts Preview -
On this week's episode of Word on the Birds,'s Jimmy Kempski & Dave Spadaro of look ahead to the Eagles' Week 2 matchup on Monday night vs. the Colts.

Defense Coming Together - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles allowed 306 yards to the Jags. That number doesn’t stand out as good or bad. Under 300 is good for sure. Above 300 and you have to check out some other stats for comparison’s sake. So let’s do that. Last year the Eagles only allowed less than 325 yards twice. One of those games was the snow bowl against the Lions (231). The other game was the blowout of the Bears late in the season (257). The 306 yards from the opener would have been the third best game for last year. That shows some progress.

Inside Voices: How The Training Is Different - Birds 24/7
"I think another thing we do well is recover. We have a whole staff dedicated just to getting us to recover. Every single day when we come in here in the morning, we have assessments that we do to monitor how our body is feeling from the day before and I think that’s something that no other team in the league is doing right now. It helps us as far as eliminating injuries that most other places you wouldn’t be able to recognize until it’s too late. They do a good job knowing when we’re feeling bad and what injuries might occur and ways to prevent them. I think this place does the best job in the National Football League as far as those three aspects of it."

Inside the Helmet - The Inside Zone Part 6 - ChipWagon
Here, the doubled defender is the NT. Kelce gets to the playside of the defender and blocks him - seals him - and Herremans, who was uncovered, comes free to block to his playside (his left) and the two drive the NT. Meanwhile, each of the other linemen go for their numbered targets, all of them going to their playside. Note that Todd ignores the guy coming to the spot he is vacating. Not his problem. It's Lane's problem. Todd, uncovered at the snap, blocks playside. That comes with coaching and trust.

5 Things: Expanded Role For Boykin? -
Cornerback Brandon Boykin had 23 snaps on defense in last Sunday's win over Jacksonville. The Colts boast a trio of receivers in Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton and Hakeem Nicks. Boykin is prepared for more work Monday night with Wayne and Hilton working in the slot. They are two different receivers and Boykin has a game plan no matter whom he is lined up against. "You've got to have different strategies for different guys. T.Y. is more of a faster, quicker guy than Reggie, but Reggie runs good routes, is a veteran and is savvy," Boykin said. "Knowing the personnel, knowing what to expect from those guys, it'll be key. I definitely know how I want to attack both of them. I'll be ready for them." Wayne had four catches for 51 yards in the middle of the field, per Pro Football Focus, against Denver last Sunday. Hilton caught three of his five receptions for 26 yards in between the hashmarks.

Kellystrator: Closer Look At The Comeback -
Head coach Chip Kelly joins Ike Reese in the studio to look at how the Eagles took the lead against Jacksonville, the third-down defense and what exactly a "country fumble" is …

Are we close to deciding enough is enough from the NFL? - Inquirer
Goodell is just the latest powerful person who - with a significant segment of our all-encompassing media complex either docile before him or actively complicit in allowing him to control the message - has tried to persuade us that things aren't as they are, that the reality we're experiencing isn't actually real. When you've spent years hearing that, yes, those weapons of mass destruction do exist, and by all means, you can keep your health plan if you like it, and you should trust us because no matter how long you and your neighbors have been out of work the economy really is getting better, it's natural to buy a ticket or turn on the television or fire up the laptop to get away from the noise and nonsense. We look for a little fun in an institution that's at least aspiring to be cleaner, whose leaders and participants are trying to remain on the up-and-up. That's what sports is for. That's what sports is supposed to be.

Cary Williams Q&A Part 1: Cary the cornerback - CSN Philly
I wouldn’t say that I’m a complete cornerback, but I would say I’m working my way towards that status. I’m not necessarily what people say I am ‘the best’ or whatever, but in my opinion, I feel like I am. I feel like I can play with anybody when I’m at the top of my game and I’m playing with confidence. I’ve played in several playoff games and made plays there. I’ve helped my team win wherever I was at, it didn’t matter.

The NFL thinks you're dumb enough to fall for a scapegoat - SB Nation
There's a good chance someone at the NFL office is going to get scapegoated for mishandling the Ray Rice video. But it's not going to change the consequences for Roger Goodell and the league.