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The Linc - Adrian Peterson indicted

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/13/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Film breakdown: Charting the five sacks the Eagles allowed against the Jaguars -
In the first half last Sunday, the Jaguars sacked Nick Foles five times, forcing three fumbles, recovering two of them. In the second half, they were unable to sack Foles at all. Let's take a look at those five sacks, and what went wrong.

Building a Unit - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles defense got off to a slow start on Sunday, but then shut down the Jags for the final 44 minutes. The overall numbers are pretty good. The D only gave up 17 points. Jim Johnson always wanted to hold an opponent to 17 or less. The D gave up 306 yards, but 51 of those came on the final drive against a prevent defense. You can’t build a good defense over night. It takes time to acquire pieces and develop the scheme. A year ago the Eagles looked to be worlds away from even running a competent defense. Now, the unit might turn out to be good.

Three Eagles Leftovers - Birds 24/7
"Practice and games, makes and misses," Parkey said. "I go in and watch what I do good, what I do bad and what I can improve on every day. If I'm having a bad day of kicking, I can go back and say, 'I went 10 for 10 this day. What did I do here? What I did do on the bad day?' Compare 'em so when I come back the next day, I know what I need to do to better myself." As part of his daily routine, Parkey now watches all his kicks on film with special teams coach Dave Fipp. In addition to charting makes and misses, he takes notes on mechanical strengths and weaknesses. He's been doing it since his college days at Auburn and believes the daily evaluation will serve him well at the NFL level.

Eagles Week 2 breakdown: Indianapolis Colts - T7L
Indianapolis has made an almost seamless transition from the Peyton Manning era, reaching the playoffs each of the past two seasons since the quarterback’s departure. This past January, the Colts launched a furious comeback to advance to the second round, and that’s sort of become their identity. After getting throttled by Manning’s Denver Broncos for much of the first half in Week 1, the Colts again mounted a comeback, although this one fell short. Point is they are a dangerous opponent that’s never out of a game, even if the franchise hasn’t returned to the ranks of the elite quite yet.

Eagles receivers ready for man-to-man test - Inquirer
DeSean who? It may take several more games to declare the offense fine without Jackson - particularly when it faces more man-to-man defense - but if the first game was any indication of how the outside receivers will fare this season, the Eagles should be fine.

Nick Foles Was Bad in the Second Half vs JAX Too - SotS
There’s no use in trying to sugarcoat this, Nick Foles was absolutely terrible against Jacksonville on Sunday.  You can ignore his final stat line – Foles left plays all over the field and probably challenges Donovan McNabb’s all-time passing record of 464 yards with competent play.  Now I know criticism of Foles pushes the buttons of the Philadelphia faithful, but his play against the Jaguars deserves critique because it presents us with something to look for in future games.  How often does Nick Foles miss open receivers?

All-22: Illusion of pressure keys Eagles' defense - CSN Philly
Sometimes, the illusion of pressure is actually more effective than pressure itself. Against the Jags in the season opener, the Eagles managed to confuse an inexperienced Jacksonville offensive line by showing pressure but rushing only four. The Jags were starting a backup center, rookie left guard and a left tackle — Luke Joeckel — who played just five games last year.

Eagle Eye: 'D' Must Prepare For The Flood -
Winners of the AFC South in 2013, the Indianapolis Colts will present the Eagles with a number of challenges on both sides of the football this Monday night. Starting on offense, they are led by quarterback Andrew Luck. The No. 1 overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, Luck is easily one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league right now and carries this offensive unit. One of the big misconceptions with this group as a whole, however, is that it is a precision-based, short-to-intermediate passing game. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a vertical passing game that attacks teams down the field and there are a lot of plays made with Luck breaking the pocket, where he uses his mobility to to get defenders to leave their responsibilities in coverage. It will be imperative for the Eagles' secondary to play disciplined, assignment-based football on Monday night.

The NFL goes back to college - SB Nation
Remember when everyone said the read option was just a fad for the NFL? Nope. Instead, coaches are building on the offensive innovations college programs are using. Danny Kelly walks through the fancy new section of the pro playbook.

Adrian Peterson faces arrest for reckless or negligent injury to child - SB Nation
The All-Pro running back has been indicted by a grand jury in Houston, and will not play this weekend for the Vikings.