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Eagles vs. Colts Preview: Will Nick Foles rebound?

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Kaye and Klausner preview the showdown between the Eagles and the Colts.

Jim McIsaac

I am back again (minus Dan Klausner) for Week 2, and after an up-and-down opener, BGN and the Eagles are ready for prime time. The Eagles are set to face the Colts, who won their awful division last season and are poised to repeat by default. Some feel that the Eagles are in the same boat, as they face a similarly mediocre trio of counterparts in the NFC East. Both teams seem to be the class of two terrible divisions and now will face off in a game on Monday Night Football.

Both starting quarterbacks, Nick Foles and Andrew Luck, are from the 2012 NFL Draft and have accomplished quite a bit in their short careers. Luck has started every game of his career and taken the team to two playoff appearances since being drafted first overall. Foles set numerous franchise and NFL records last season and led the Eagles to a division title. Both will battle middling defenses in hopes of bringing their teams a victory.

I am excited for this matchup, so let's get this show on the road! Questions asked reflect topics from the week as well as Twitter inquiries.

1) How do you feel about the team after the Week 1 comeback against the Jaguars? Did the game change your perceptions about the team's success or failure?

Mike Kaye: I feel pretty confident in the team. One game doesn't really get me too high or low, but I think outside of Nick Foles, Riley Cooper and Cary Williams, everyone performed admirably against the Jaguars. I think Foles, Cooper and Williams will all bounce back against the Colts. The backup offensive linemen have my confidence as well because I liked the way they played in the preseason.

The run defense seems to be extremely good so I think you'll see a lot of one-dimensional offenses this season. I am feeling good considering the team was down 17-0 against the Jaguars at home just one week ago. We will see moving forward if Foles can really turn it on soon.

2) How do you think Nick Foles will respond to his subpar performance in Week 1? Is this a major game for him to prove his detractors wrong?

MK: I know that Foles really disappointed a ton of people last week and that is completely fair. He was not good, even when he seemingly rebounded in the second half. He needs to show better decision-making and vision against the Colts and will luckily play a pretty mediocre defense on Monday.

I think he will bounce back based on his short-term history and I really do like the way Chip Kelly stood behind him against the Jaguars. In all honesty, I think Foles needed a game to kind of get beaten up and flustered because it will serve him better down the stretch because of the way he responds to turmoil and adversity.

The Colts would be a nice team to make a statement against, as they made the playoffs the last two seasons. Foles going up against his draft classmate, Luck, will also be interesting. It was a very talented class and a lot of quarterbacks aren't given enough credit. Foles beating Luck would be a pretty great accomplishment for a guy that went 87 picks behind him.

3) How confident are you in the offensive line over the next few weeks? Do you think it will be a massive issue or are you happy with the depth?

MK: I believe in any line that features Jason Peters and Jason Kelce. That said, I really do like what I have seen from Todd Herremans all preseason and in Week 1. Peters probably wants a few of those early plays back against the Jaguars, but I think he is fine. The Dennis Kelly-Andrew Gardner combo did well in the preseason and I really liked Kelly as a rookie, so hopefully they can continue trending upwards. I am not that worried and maybe that should worry me (if that makes sense), but I guess we'll see.

4) Who on the Colts are concerned about facing? Is there a matchup that bothers you or one that you're excited about?

MK: Outside of Andrew Luck, I am not sure anyone on the Colts makes me shake in my shoes. Vontae Davis, Darius Butler, Arthur Jones and Greg Toler are all quality defensive players, but they can't make up for the Colts linebackers. I think tight end Zach Ertz is going to "eat" on Monday night. The Colts struggled to defend Julius Thomas throughout their game against the Broncos and Ertz is a better route runner than him. I think that will be beneficial for Foles and probably LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles. I like the idea of D'Qwell Jackson against McCoy and LaRon Landry or Darius Butler against Jordan Matthew seems intriguing. I also think the Eagles defensive line against the Colts interior offensive linemen should be fun as well.

The only matchup that may cause issues is T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne against Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams. Both need to play better against the Colts than they did against the Jaguars.

5) How would you rank the 2012 NFL Draft quarterback class of the following: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, Russell Wilson, Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins?

MK: Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler and Brandon Weeden.