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Colts vs. Eagles History: Expect a good game in Indianapolis

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The Eagles and Colts share a brief history.

Jim McIsaac

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to face the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football. The two teams have met 17 times before.

Quick hits:

• The Philadelphia Eagles have a long history with the Colts that dates back to 1953. Well, sort of. Back then the team was still located in Baltimore. The Eagles were 4-5 in nine meetings against those Colts with their last meeting coming in 1983.

• The Eagles then played the Colts again one year later but this time the team had been relocated to Indianapolis, which is where they currently still reside. Philadelphia has been less successful against the Colts of the Indianapolis variety: 3-5 over the last eight meetings.

• Philadelphia has played in Indianapolis only three times before. Of those attempts, the Eagles have only won once. That was back in 1993, by a score of 20-10. The Colts beat the Eagles handily the other two times they've played: 37-10 in 1996 and 45-21 in 2006.

• All-time point differential: Eagles 357, Colts 424
Eagles 211, Baltimore Colts 198
Eagles 146, Indianapolis Colts 226
@ Indianapolis: Eagles 51, Colts 92

• The last time these two teams met was in Philadelphia, back in 2010. That was probably one of the better and more underrated Eagles games in recent history. It was the first time in five attempts that Philadelphia beat future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Michael Vick threw 17/29 for 218 yards and 1 touchdown while running for 74 yards on 10 attempts and 1 touchdown. Eagles running back pitched in with 95 yards on 16 attempts rushing.

It looked like the Eagles were going to win that game at one point when defensive end Trent Cole sacked Manning to seemingly end a drive. A penalty was called on Cole, however, for making contact with Manning's helmet. The truth is that Cole barely even grazed his hand on Manning's helmet. It didn't matter, however, because Philadelphia cornerback Asante Samuel erased Manning a few plays later with an interception. It was Samuel's second interception of the game, and I'll never forget how Samuel brought both of those balls to his post-game press conference.

It was a really fun game.

• A lot has changed over the past four years since this teams last met. Peyton Manning is now the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Asante Samuel isn't even in the league. Michael Vick is with the New York Jets.

With that said, for some reason I expect this Eagles-Colts game to be really good just like the last meeting. I've been saying this all offseason. When the 2014 NFL schedule was released I wrote about how this game figured to be the one of the best on Philadelphia's entire schedule.

The Eagles are featured in the second Monday Night Football game of the season against the Colts. It's the battle of the 2012 draft class quarterbacks: Andrew Luck and Nick Foles. Luck has more talent and prestige as the former No. 1 overall pick but the numbers are in favor of Foles. The last time the Eagles and Colts met was in 2010, and it was one of the most fun games I've watched in recent Eagles history. It's worth noting former Eagles executive Ryan Grigson is now the Colts' GM.

Let's hope it lives up to my anticipated hype.