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The Linc - Chip Kelly's Pistol

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/1/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Sunday’s Moves Become Official - Iggles Blitz
Why Tucker and not Josey? Tucker is a better blocker and STs player. He was here last year and knows the offense. I thought he had a real shot at the roster this year. Josey is a tough subject. I need to re-watch the Jets game before saying too much. There is no doubt that he lit up teams this preseason, but there are 2 key questions. First, how much of that was him vs the system and players around him? Second, could he have that kind of success against starting players? The Eagles obviously feel there are some issues with Josey and that is why he’s on the street.

Season Predictions: Life Without DeSean - Birds 24/7
In recent years, there's been plenty of talk about the Eagles going to more two tight end sets. But 24 teams went 2-TE more than the Birds last season, according to the Football Outsiders Almanac. I'm fully expecting that to change this season. Ertz is the offense's best player when it comes to making contested catches - 50/50 balls, receptions in traffic, etc. And Celek is still a very good all around tight end. Multiple people at the NovaCare Complex have told me they think Celek is the best blocking TE in the NFL. Especially early in the season, it makes a lot of sense to get these two on the field together.

The Pistol- Part of the 2014 Arsenal? - ChipWagon
I have to believe that one of the things that had Chip Kelly so excited to come coach the Eagles was the opportunity to coach Lesean McCoy. While Kelly and McCoy have had their arguments about McCoy hitting the hole more consistently, he certainly values McCoy's elite cutback ability as it really helps the inside zone work. Let's look at an example against the Packers from last year.

Loss of Long puts pressure on two other Eagles linebackers -
Travis Long's No. 57 jersey was not going to be displayed in Philadelphia sporting goods stores this season, but there was considerable optimism about the linebacker in the team's headquarters this summer. So when it was learned that Long tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the final preseason game, it left the Eagles without a player who was expected to be a valuable reserve.

Roseman explains cutting Henery, rolling with Parkey - CSN Philly
The Eagles lost their only playoff game last year by two points. Their kicker, maligned by the public but generally accurate throughout his career, missed a 47-yarder in the loss. As Andy Reid once famously said, you can do the math. But as they enter Year 2 under Chip Kelly and have expectations of going beyond the first round — way, way beyond — it’s significant to note that their new kicker has never, ever, not once attempted an NFL field goal outside of a meaningless preseason game.

Making lots of green off jerseys - Inquirer
For many fans, the replica NFL jerseys they've been purchasing in ever-growing numbers since the 1990s are religious vestments. Donned with faith on Sundays, imbued with spiritual significance, their unique color and design reveal their wearers' sectarian leanings, their communion with fellow believers. Alter these sacred garments and you risk being tarred as a heretic. If Eagles supporters needed a reason to dislike Jeffrey Lurie - and this being Philadelphia, antipathy toward ownership is as natural a state as low expectations - he provided them with a solid one not long after purchasing the team in 1994.

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24 maps that explain the NFL - SB Nation
We’ve looked at which teams fans like in each area, now let’s look at which they hate. Yes, hate is a strong word but emotions run deep in football. For instance, the previous map showed most of New York to be Giants fans, whose natural enemy is Philadelphia. But Jets fans’ loathing of the Patriots screams just a little louder, making New England the most hated team in New York. Most of the rivalries runs along division lines, so there are few surprises here. Except for Arizona, who has a weird aversion to the Steelers. Could it be that they’re still upset over Super Bowl XLII?