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OVERREACTION SATURDAY: Mark Sanchez should start over Nick Foles, Jordan Matthews is a bust

Firing up some hot takes.

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The Philadelphia Eagles lost a football game on Friday night to the Chicago Bears, 34-28. (Recap)

For anyone keeping track at home, that means they are now WINLESS in 2014.

As if the playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints in January hadn't left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, the Eagles have already started out the 2014 season on an incredibly sloppy note.

Some people will laugh it off and say "it's only the preseason."

My response to that? UNACCEPTABLE.

Just look back to last year when the Eagles played the Bears.

It was a "meaningless" game because no matter whether the Eagles won or lost, they would still have had to beat Dallas.

But that time the Eagles went out there and still played hard to win by a score of 54-11.

After that game, Eagles head Chip Kelly stood at the podium and declared "We're from Philadelphia, and we fight."

But on Friday night, August 8th, 2014 there was no fight to be found.

Instead, there was only fright.

The biggest problem was third year quarterback Nick Foles.

Not only did he throw one interception.

But two.

After crunching the numbers -- and you may be shocked by this -- I discovered that Foles threw the same amount of interceptions on Friday night as he did all of last season.

But the worst thing was... he was boring.

Buzz Bissinger had it right all along.

This is what Foles had to say about his mistakes: "Me, personally, it's a sick feeling in your stomach. At the same time, I know I can correct those."


A TRUE winner would skip the flight back home to Philadelphia, get back on the field, and throw touchdowns -- NOT interceptions -- until his arm fell off.

Speaking of true winners, Mark Sanchez looked great on Friday night.

So good, in fact, that it's probably time to pull the plug on the Foles era.

Look, it was fun while it last, and Foles was clearly better than the oft-injured Michael Vick.

But better than Sanchez? Hardly. That's a guy who has been to TWO AFC Championship games.

Sure, he may have lost in those games, but the fact is: he just knows how to win.

If the Eagles didn't take out Sanchez for Barkley, they easily would have beat the Bears.

Just another failed idea by the so-called genius head coach, I guess.

An even bigger failure than pulling Sanchez, though, was the debut of Jordan Matthews.

I knew the hype was too good to be true.

Just look what at what this idiot had to say over a week ago:


More like the biggest BUST in NFL history.

3 drops, 14 yards on 4 catches.

Yeah, he's sure the "anti-DeSean Jackson" all right.

We should probably just call him Jordan Avant.

Or Na Matthews.

Let's be real: I'd be lying if I said I was really concerned about this team right now.

They just have the makings of a flash in the pan.

Chip Kelly, one-year wonder.

Nick Foles, one-year wonder.

Jordan Matthews, one-training camp wonder.

And so on.

The only constant, as I said before, is that Sanchez is a winner.

C'mon, Chip.

It's time to do the right thing.

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