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NFL preseason odds 2014: Chicago Bears favored over Philadelphia Eagles

You can totally bet on this preseason game, but why the heck would you do that.

Maddie Meyer

Do you have a gambling problem? If you're actually betting on NFL preseason games, the answer to that question is probably "Yes."

In any event, the odds are out there, so let's take a look as far as Friday night's 8:00 PM EST game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears is concerned.

Opening: Bears -1½ Pick 'em Bears -1½ Pick 'em Pick 'em

BOVADA: Bears -1½

As you can see, the Eagles are not favored by any outlet. They're the road team so I guess they have that working against them. The Bears are really just slight favorites.

But why would you actually bet on something like this? The games don't matter and the results seem pretty random. Remember the year the Detroit Lions went 0-16? They were 4-0 in the preseason that year. Heck, even the 2012 Eagles went 4-0 in the preseason before finishing the year at the bottom of the NFC East at 4-12.

Then again, perhaps putting a little money on the line makes the game just slightly more interesting as you're still watching when the fourth stringers are playing during the final quarter...

But probably not. Save your money, degenerates.

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