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Eagles Training Camp 2014: Most boring in recent history

The Eagles have had a boring training camp. As far as the team is concerned, that's far from a bad thing.

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The Philadelphia Eagles are having one of their most boring training camps in recent history. There haven't been any major injuries. The team hasn't even made a roster transaction of any kind since May 20th.

Sure, there have been minor blips on the radar: a pair of training camp fights (wide receiver versus cornerback & running back versus linebacker), Cary Williams saying the Patriots are cheaters, Keelan Johnson getting arrested, Allen Barbre taking first team repetitions because of a suspended Lane Johnson, Jordan Matthews hype, and so on... but there's just been no one factor that's really dominated the conversation. Think back to recent years to see what I mean. Off the top of my head:


Last year was especially dramatic.

Michael Vick versus Nick Foles quarterback controversy. Riley Cooper racial slur incident. Three ACL injuries (Jeremy Maclin, Jason Phillips, by August 6th. Chip Kelly's first season training camp. Transition to a 3-4 defense. Training camp being held in Philadelphia instead of Lehigh. Donovan McNabb officially retiring as an Eagle.


The death of Andy Reid's son, Garrett Reid, lingered heavy over the team's 2012 training camp.


The Dream Team. Need I say more?


Kevin Kolb takes the reigns over for long-time franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb.


Long-time Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passes away (RIP). Eagles shock the world and sign Michael Vick, who had just been released from prison.

.... and so on.

Now, just as I've explained with Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, boring isn't always bad. In fact, it's probably for the best as far as the team concerned. The only losers when "boring" is involved in sports are the writers, and really, no one cares about them. (Sad face.)

While I ultimately think the boring camp is a good thing, I don't think drama is necessarily preventative of regular season success. Just look at last year for an example of that when the Eagles went 10-6. Then again, the team did get off to a slow start (1-3) before things eventually slowed down (Foles settling in as the starter, the defense getting adjusted) and the Eagles went on a winning streak.

In any case, I'm sure Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is loving this boring camp. Kelly is a master of efficiency and doesn't want to waste time on distractions and drama. The team is focused in on what matters most: football.

(Now proceed to the comments to yell about how I just jinxed everything.)

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