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Chip Kelly doesn't care about the depth chart


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When the Philadelphia Eagles released their first unofficial depth chart of the 2014 season earlier this week, I was quick to note that it doesn't mean too much.

Before we get too carried away, allow me to remind you NFL teams are required to do this. This is very unofficial. Keep in mind Chip Kelly's depth chart is "written in sand", meaning that things can easily change. There are still four preseason games to go through before training camp battles and roster bubbles are finalized. Don't read into this too much.

Other reporters are aware of this too, but in any event, Kelly was asked about the depth chart during his Wednesday morning press conference. More specifically he was asked about why Nolan Carroll is listed as the team's starting kick returner.

He was doing a real nice job, but I wouldn't put much into depth charts.  You've got to send one out, so who's solidified as our No. 1 kick returner isn't based upon what we put down a couple days ago on paper.


Seriously, the depth chart, I don't care.  I think [Eagles PR Director] Derek [Boyko] did it.  I mean, it's absolutely nothing.  I know we're going to get questions on it, and I'll be honest with you, I do not care how that's listed, added.  I said a long time ago, it's written in sand, it's written in water, it can be written in anything.  That depth chart means absolutely nothing.  The only reason we make one is because they tell us to make one.  Call it whatever you want to call it.

I leave you with this:

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