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The Linc - Only 15 of DeSean Jackson's 85 catches came against press coverage

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/5/2014.

Nick Laham

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles training camp practice notes, August 4: LeSean McCoy wins every day -
Rookie fifth round pick Taylor Hart is beginning to generate a lot of buzz. On the occasions I've watched him, I can see why. At a minimum, he holds his ground in the run game. I'd be shocked if Hart doesn't see legitimate action as early as Week 1.

What We Know - Iggles Blitz
The presence of Jenkins is one of the reasons I feel optimistic about the defense. He’s not going to be Brian Dawkins, Pt. 2, but he doesn’t have to be that. Just being an effective, reliable FS will do this defense a world of good.

On Kelly, DeSean And Press Coverage - Birds 24/7
But like all receivers, he has strengths and weaknesses. Jackson lined up all over the formation, was fantastic with the ball in his hands and threatened defenses vertically like few others. Given his size, though, beating press coverage was not always Jackson's strength. We went back and looked at all 85 of his catches from a year ago (playoffs included), and only 15 came against press coverage.

Beau nose - Daily News
"Beau's an intriguing guy," Kelce said. "For how big he is, he has very, very good feet. He's quick, he's very strong. He has a lot of raw ability that you like to see in a nose tackle. Right now he's just working on his technique. Getting to know the plays, getting to know our offense. Some of the other 'noses' are ahead of him in terms of the knowledge, but you see a lot of the things you want to see in terms of the skill level in him . . . The nose guards that I see that are the most consistent . . . are big guys that have really quick feet, or really long arms."

Roob vs. Spadaro: Impact players on defense? - CSN Philly
Well, this one got heated. NBC's NFL color commentator and former player Cris Collinsworth said he's keeping his eye on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl this season. The players offered some mild reaction to the prediction after Monday's practice. Now, Dave Spadaro vs. Reuben Frank.

Marcus Smith II: Game Action Is Next -
The little things are what matter to Marcus Smith II. He isn't about to go from Z to A as an NFL player overnight. His progress is about gradual steps and small victories ...

The Football Hall Of Fame Has A Receiver Problem | FiveThirtyEight
Even in a sport where an individual player’s statistics are contaminated by the strengths and weaknesses of his teammates, his coaches and countless other considerations, wide receiver performance is a particularly tough nut to crack. Raw numbers rarely offer enough to help us properly distinguish between pass-catchers, especially across eras, and statisticians haven’t always agreed on how best to correct biases in the data.

Andy Dalton: an OK quarterback who just got $115 million - SB Nation

Jeff Garcia joins Alouettes coaching staff -
"Jeff Garcia is a fierce competitor who has had success in every situation he has faced in professional football," said Head Coach Tom Higgins. "The addition of Jeff is ideal because he brings the expertise he's gained over his professional years from so many different systems. We are very excited to welcome Jeff to our coaching staff in his coaching debut. His CFL knowledge and comprehension of the game are key qualities that are going to be invaluable for us to improve as a team in the upcoming weeks. Over the next few days, we will be able to better evaluate all of our coaches and establish what their exact roles will be."

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