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Pennsylvania hates the Dallas Cowboys, Texas hates the Philadelphia Eagles

Well, duh.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

You don't exactly need the map that Reddit user KMHokies35 put together to know that Philadelphia Eagles fans and Dallas Cowboys fans don't exactly like each other. Still, it's a pretty interesting graphic. Take a look at the mini-gallery below:

KMHokies 35 put this Hate Map together by asking other Reddit users around the country and around the globe what their least favorite teams are. He also did Hate Maps for the other major professional sports including the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Two of the four NFC East teams are apparently some of the most hated organizations around the world. The Dallas Cowboys are really unpopular in Africa and those Canadians are sick of the New York Giants. No one in the USA or internationally hates Washington because they're too irrelevant.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey are not alone in their hatred of the Cowboys, strangely enough. Perhaps it's due to a small sample, but the state of Rhode Island is also pegged as Cowboys haters.

Next I'd like to see a breakdown by county.

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