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Chip Kelly isn't spending NFL roster cuts deadline day in Philadelphia

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The Eagles head coach is attending the Ohio State-Navy game in Baltimore.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It appears Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly won't be spending the 2014 NFL cut deadline day in Philadelphia. Kelly has reportedly been spotted in the press box of the Ohio State-Navy game taking place in Baltimore. The game is scheduled to take kick off at 12:00 PM EST.

So... that's interesting.

Kelly's immense respect for the nation's Armed Forces is well-documented. Kelly attended a Navy football practice last year and named the late Will McKamey as an honorary member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm guessing cuts have already been decided. Baltimore isn't exactly across the country but it's about a two-hour drive from Philadelphia, or at least that's what Google Maps says.

Or maybe there is another explanation...

(Kidding, obviously.)